Bobby24 is a social impact super app capable of compatibility and growth within any market around the world. Bobby24 is an online ecosystem where users can access any online service while staying on the same app. American freeware app for instant communication on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablet computers and desktop computers. Designed to dominate the growing digital world. Bobby24 allows people to connect to everything that exists online (except the dark web) in a better more simplistic, faster and economical way. Anyone can live only on Bobby24, from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep. From money transfers, streaming, etc. Also, by using the app people will be saving money as part of B24 user programs. Bobby24 is named after its founder, Bobby. It implies his achievements, and the app is offered on a nonstop basis 24 hours per day for free.  

Our Team

Bobby Borisov

Elissa Refold

Maya Domozetska

Mussa Khiar

Nelson Serge

Samradnyee Patkar

Daniel Kellom

Christopher Loeber

Brianna Medina

Rance Collins

Michael Alvin

Rakib Hossain

Ishita Dass

Asha Yassin

Waleed Ahmad

Muzahid Hasan

Shalane Moodley

Daia P.

John Gayer

Tuhin Hossain

Emily Burks

Abu Sufyan

Julia Morris

Naveed Muhammad

SM Asif Hassan

Ashkul Islam

Shahea Walker

Zee Shanali

Almas Sayyed

Wendy Kirchhofer

Alexandra Markovich

Yachna Atthi

Sean Fizharris

Alison Partin

Stephanie Androis

Sadia Islam

Linda Atiano

Gabriella Gate

Christine Colbert

Megan Hindley

Gabe Graves

Hira Frruk

Ani Baghdasaryan

Godcan Ben-Osadolor

Addison Le Claire

Ashley Hall

Daniel Nayman

Oluwatomisin Fawehinmi

Gurinder Khera

Emmanuel Ighosewe

Karen Jordan

Roping Khan