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Kim Kardashian Is Facing Backlash After She Claimed That The Beauty Standards She Sets Are “Attainable”



People have accused Kim of forgetting her “wealth privilege” after she said: “If I’m doing it, it’s attainable.”

For as long as they have been in the spotlight, the KarJenner family have been at the center of discourse about celebrities promoting unrealistic beauty standards.

The five sisters and their mom, Kris Jenner, are all equally guilty of posting envy-inducing photos to their carefully curated social media pages that show them as ageless, flawless goddesses.

Oftentimes, the family’s posts have been exposed for being heavily photoshopped, with eagle-eyed followers picking up on the telltale clues that the picture has been edited.

This, combined with the KarJenners’ staggering wealth that gives them access to home gyms, personal trainers, personal chefs, and high-end cosmetic procedures, has sparked serious scrutiny — with the group accused of fueling body image insecurities among the everyday people who follow them and who would never be able to reach their level of perfection.

Khloé famously threatened legal action in her bid to get the leaked photo scrubbed from the internet, a move that confused many people as she looked absolutely incredible in the snap — albeit, slightly more human than her usual heavily filtered and manipulated posts.

The star acknowledged the criticism of her reaction in an Instagram statement, where she said that “we cannot continue to live life trying to fit into the perfect mold of what others have set for us.”

Khloé also confessed to using filters, lighting, and editing in “the same way I throw on some make-up, get my nails done, or wear a pair of heels to present myself to the world the way I want to be seen,” adding that “it’s exactly what [she] will continue to do unapologetically.”

The statement sparked backlash at the time, with many pointing out that while they have sympathy for Khloé, she was completely ignoring her family’s own contribution to the beauty standards that people face.

One person tweeted: “I am empathetic to the pain and insecurities Khloé Kardashian admits she faces, but I think what is important to note is that the Kardashian family has contributed if not created the beauty standard over the last 2 decades through photoshop, surgery, and exuberant wealth…”

i am empathetic to the pain and insecurities khloé kardashian admits she faces, but i think what is important to note is that the kardashian family has contributed if not created the beauty standard over the last 2 decades through photoshop, surgery, and exuberant wealth…

Twitter: @girlpowertbh

However, the KarJenners have consistently denied their influence in promoting an image that is completely unattainable, with Kendall Jenner telling Andy Cohen last year that the only thing they promote is “being healthy.”

“We all really enjoy taking care of ourselves and being healthy,” she said at the time. “So I think if anything, the only thing we’re really trying to represent is just being the most healthy version of yourself.”

Kim Kardashian added in the same interview: “We get up, we do the work. We work out.”

And Kim doubled down on her stance in a recent interview with Allure magazine, where she was asked if she feels “responsible, even guilty, for setting an unrealistic, unattainable beauty standard.”

“If I’m doing it, it’s attainable,” Kim insisted in response.

“There are so many different beauty standards — whether it’s Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Marilyn Monroe. When I was a teenager, [the look] was just blonde waifs,” she added. “My mentality was never like, you see them on TV or in magazines and pick who you want to be. It was always: Be yourself, find beauty in everything.”

In the same interview, Kim maintained that the only cosmetic procedure that she’d had done to her face was Botox. She denied “ever” having any lip or cheek filler, or even eyelash extensions.

“I’ve never had eyelash extensions. I’ve never done anything. I have a drop of mascara on today. I’ve never filled my cheeks. I’ve never filled my lips,” she stated.

“I really, genuinely care about looking good,” Kim then said. “I probably care more than 90% of the people on this planet. It’s not easy when you’re a mom and you’re exhausted at the end of the day or you’re in school, and I’m all of the above. I do my beauty treatments usually late at night. After everyone’s in bed, I’m doing laser treatments.”

The interview has since sparked backlash, with people calling out Kim’s “out of touch” and “delusional” claim that her beauty standards are attainable.

The billionaire has also been accused of forgetting her “wealth privilege,” with specific attention drawn to her comment about late-night laser treatments.

“Attainable my arse. Only for those in her air bubble. And rich celebrity types similarly wrapped up in their own worlds,” one person tweeted. “Laser treatments when her kids are in bed? Lol I barely have time for a shower a day as a mother & carer.”

Responding to Kim’s “attainable” comment, another person wrote: “Yeah no it’s not @KimKardashian you have wealth privilege. Many people, including myself, don’t. Tone deaf and out of touch.”

@Jezebel Yeah no it’s not @KimKardashian you have wealth privilege. Many people including myself don’t. Tone deaf and out of touch

Twitter: @SpookyLover64

“She keeps proving more and more how out of touch she is with every day women who really CAN’T attain the unrealistic beauty standards she flaunts,” another person added.

She keeps proving more and more how out of touch she is with every day women who really CAN’T attain the unrealistic beauty standards she flaunts

Twitter: @dianaaamota

One more tweeted: “Every time she tries to make herself seem relatable she just shows how completely delusional and out of touch she is. Fuck off already.”

every time she tries to make herself seem relatable she just shows how completely delusional and out of touch she is. fuck off already.

Twitter: @bobbywhatever_

“‘If i’m doing it, it’s attainable’ literally makes me seethe,” someone else wrote. “She is Kim Kardashian.”

@jessicadefino_ “if i’m doing it, it’s attainable” literally makes me seethe. she is kim kardashian

Twitter: @elieraine

This is certainly not the first time that Kim has come under scrutiny for promoting unrealistic beauty standards in recent weeks, with viewers left disappointed when her appearance on The Tonight Show last month appeared to be heavily filtered.

Instagram account @problematicfame shared comparison screenshots to highlight the apparent use of a blurring filter that softened Kim’s face during the TV interview. In the first grab there was natural creasing around Kim’s eyes and blemishes on her skin, but in the second her skin looked completely flawless and incredibly smooth.

And this came just days after Kim was criticized for “boasting” about losing an extreme amount of weight in a short period of time.

People said that she was a “horrible role model” and pushing a “dangerous” message to young girls after she revealed that she’d lost even more weight since her controversial Met Gala crash diet, which sparked backlash in May.

“This family needs to stop,” one person commented at the time. “They’re setting a skinny standard that a lot of people cannot live up too; yes they may work out but they also have a boatload of money to help them lose weight. Personal trainers, healthy, chef cooked meals, and more gym equipment than gyms, and lipo doctors.”

The weight loss is something that Kim also addressed in her new interview with Allure, where she maintained that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“If I was starving and doing it really unhealthy, I would say that, of course, that’s not a good message,” she said. “But I had a nutritionist, I had a trainer. I have never drunk more water in my life.”

“I don’t see the criticism for other people when they lost weight for roles — they are [considered] geniuses for their craft,” she continued. “There are so many things out there that are so not accurate and not true.”

Kim is yet to respond to the most recent backlash against her.

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The “Boy Meets World” Cast Opened Up About Their “Unhealthy,” “Uncomfortable” & “Creepy” Experiences On The Show



If you were a kid in the ‘90s then the chances are that you are more than familiar with the names Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric — the characters of popular sitcom Boy Meets World.

Equally famed for its array of enviable hairstyles as well as its tough subject matters, the show’s seven seasons aired during ABC’s iconic “TGIF” slot alongside other hits like Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Family Matters.

It was on our screens between 1993 and 2000, chronicling the lives of its central characters from the age of 11 until the end of college. In 2014, the show was revived for sequel series Girl Meets World, which followed Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley.

Girl Meets World aired for three seasons until 2017, with most of the major cast members reprising their roles for the series.

And the renewed interest that the sequel sparked in Boy Meets World seemingly inspired the original cast members to start a podcast to discuss their time on the show, aptly named Pod Meets World.

The podcast launched in June and is hosted by Danielle Fishel, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle, who played Topanga, Shawn, and Eric respectively.

Each week they rewatch an episode of Boy Meets World — which they have not seen since the ‘90s — and share their memories of filming with a special podcast guest.

This week, the group revisited Season 4 Episode 7, “Grandma Was A Rolling Stone,” which featured Will’s first ever onscreen kiss and subsequently prompted a serious discussion about the cast’s “creepy” and “uncomfortable” experience of shooting intimate scenes on set.

Will is the oldest of the podcast’s hosts as he played main character Cory’s [Ben Savage] older brother in the series, while Rider and Danielle, who were 14 and 12 when the series launched, played his best friend and love interest.

Will was 17 when this particular episode was filmed and he recalled leaning on guest star, Kerri Russell, for guidance before shooting the kiss.

“The script said: ‘and they kiss… a good kiss,’” Will told his shocked cohosts. “And I said to [Kerri]: ‘What does that mean?’ and without missing a beat she said: ‘Tongue.’ I will never forget that.”

As Boy Meets World progressed, both Will and Rider’s characters became heartthrobs who would date many different girls, and Will said that he found the way that he was expected to interact with the extras “horribly uncomfortable” and “really creepy.”

“When I was about 18 and it was a girl a week — Rider, we both went through this, where it’s like: ‘That’s your partner and you’re going to kiss!’” Will began, “I started asking: ‘How would you like to do this?’ because it’s creepy.”

He then compared shooting a scene with his then-girlfriend, Jennifer Love Hewitt, to one with an actor he didn’t know, Marguerite Moreau.

“In the ‘Scream’ episode where I’m kissing Love, people are like: ‘Wow, it looks like you just jammed your tongue down her throat,’ and I’m like… ‘Well, I did. A: for the joke, and B: she was actually my girlfriend and she knew we were going to kiss,” Will explained.

“But Marguerite Moreau, when she came on, we talked a little bit about it because it wasn’t like: ‘Hi, nice to see you, now I have to jump on you and throw my tongue down your throat,’ it’s really creepy,” he went on. “It was hugely uncomfortable. Everyone talks like: ‘Oh man, you get to kiss all those girls!’ but it’s not as awesome as you might think it is.”

“It really is horribly uncomfortable, and to do it in front of an audience and hearing people go ‘woo’ and all this, it’s really uncomfortable,” he concluded.

Danielle then pointed out that onscreen kisses are impacted by how much chemistry the actors feel with one another, and Rider agreed as he added: “There were times when it was fun, but other times when it wasn’t and it really just depended on the person.”

“And it wasn’t whether they were pretty or not,” he continued. “It was just literally that chemistry thing, there were times where I was like: ‘I don’t want to have to kiss this person again, it was awful’ and there were other times where you’re like: ‘Oh, that was fine.’”

Will was then keen to point out the “power disparity” between him and Rider and the extras that were being brought in for them to kiss.

“We should at least address, especially in this day and age it needs to be talked about, the kind of power disparity that’s going on,” he told his cohosts. “Because we’re regulars on the show so we have a job and we know we’re going to have a job, and it puts the [guest] actor in a position of saying: ‘I’m not gonna say I don’t want you to put your tongue down my throat.’”

Rider agreed, and admitted that they all would have benefitted from having an intimacy coordinator on set — something that simply didn’t exist in the ‘90s.

“The role of an intimacy coordinator makes so much sense to me,” he said. “I love the idea. That never existed and now it’s become pretty standard on set and I love it. I’ve never worked with one personally but I totally think that it’s a necessary role because you can’t just trust that a director or a producer is going to have the experience or the delicate tone that is required of that situation.”

Will interjected to add: “Or the morality,” which Rider agreed with before concluding: “I think having an assigned person just to navigate that with the actors is great and an essential role. That’s basically what we are talking about, a need for intimacy coordinators.”

The group also questioned the normalcy of having children kissing in kids’ TV shows in the ‘90s and pointed out that it doesn’t happen any more. “Why is that, because it’s not like we’ve got more conservative?” Rider questioned.

Answering his own query, the actor theorized that people these days have much more access to a variety of things, adding: “Back then it seemed like you were servicing the idea of having to be a little sexy, but now that would just seem out of place — I’m not watching the show for that.”

And Danielle shared her hope that it was just a reflection of young actors being treated better in the industry as she said: “Maybe it’s that the people writing the content are now uncomfortable asking real 12/13/14/15 year olds? I know when I’ve been on set [as an adult] the conversation is: ‘We would never ask a child to do that; we’re not doing that because that’s an uncomfortable thing to ask any 14 year old to do.’”

“Back then, they weren’t asking that question,” Will interjected. And Danielle agreed, adding: “We were actors, it didn’t matter whether or not we were uncomfortable or comfortable with it. Whatever the writer wrote is what you did and you were made to feel that if something did make you uncomfortable it was inappropriate for you to express that.”

“You weren’t really supposed to say: ‘I don’t want to do this, I don’t feel comfortable,’” she went on. “You’re a prop, as an actor you say the words and do what’s written on the page, no questions asked.”

“Having autonomy as a child actor is very difficult,” Rider echoed. “You start to believe that if you stand up for yourself or do not want to do something or say a certain line a certain way, you feel like you’re making waves and feel like you’re making a problem and it’s so unhealthy.”

This isn’t the first time that the group have discussed being uncomfortable with the way that they were treated as child stars on Boy Meets World.

In an earlier podcast, Danielle recalled being threatened with the axe after the show’s creator, Michael Jacobs, was unhappy with her rehearsal in her first episode of the show at the age of 12.

Danielle was drafted in at short notice to replace another girl who was supposed to play Topanga, and she remembered fighting back tears after Jacobs embarrassed her in front of the rest of the cast and crew by telling her that he was saving her rehearsal notes for the end of the day because if he made everybody else stay for them they’d all “be here for hours.”

“What I know specifically was said is: ‘All I know is, if you don’t come back tomorrow doing this entirely differently, you are also not going to be here,’ referencing the girl I had replaced,” Danielle added, admitting that she was “sweating” remembering the moment from almost 30 years ago.

Her story left the episode’s director David Trainer — who was a guest on that week’s podcast — furious, and he told her: “This is a hateful story. There’s many wonderful things about [Jacobs], but there’s hateful things. This is one. To hear this, you’re sweating? I’m really pissed. It’s enough to make me want to sign off of this podcast. I don’t want to be associated with anything that guy is associated with. This is just not how you do things. I’m glad it became a hit, but this is disgusting.”

And this week, Danielle revealed that there was a huge pay disparity between her and her male costars, and her agent and father ended up forcing her to boycott a table read in order to get paid more.

Danielle first appeared in the fourth episode of Season 1, “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” and was only supposed to be in that one episode. However, her character Topanga ended up being such a hit that she was brought back for several more episodes that season before becoming an established part of the cast going forward.

“I was considered a series regular in Season 2 but I still didn’t get to do every episode,” she explained. “I was a series regular who was guaranteed 13 [episodes] and I think I ended up doing 19 out of 22 or something.”

Rider remembered feeling angry on Danielle’s behalf when she wasn’t included in the show’s promotional photoshoot or opening credits for Season 2, telling her: “I remember it being confusing and I remember being upset on your behalf, like: ‘She’s working so hard and she’s not part of the main cast.’”

Danielle then told listeners: “We’ve talked about it before privately, but if you guys knew the pay disparity, even after I became a series regular… The excuse was: ‘We didn’t know you were going to be on the show, we weren’t anticipating you,’ but by Season 2, you did know. By Season 2 I was accounted for.”

“I get that in Season 1 I wasn’t part of the budget,” she continued. “You weren’t anticipating having another series regular, but by Season 2… That excuse should go out the window, and then Season 3 rolled around and they were using the same excuse.”

Will added: “There was still the pay disparity when they were clearly building Cory and Topanga as a thing.”

“I had to threaten to not show up to a table read,” Danielle said. “My dad was not having it. My dad and Judy Savage [her agent] were doing the negotiations with ABC, or Disney, and they said to me: ‘You have to not go,’ and I was sobbing: ‘I have to go, it’s my job, you’re going to lose this job for me.’”

In fact, 12-year-old Danielle was so concerned about losing her dream job that she recalled telling her family that she would never speak to them again if she got fired due to her boycott. However, she ended up not showing up to a read, and while it was hinted that this resolved the issue she did not go into detail.

Danielle, Will, and Rider all agreed that they have plenty more shocking experiences that they will revisit in the coming weeks, which will no doubt leave their listeners hooked.

BuzzFeed News have contacted ABC for comment.

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Michelle Branch, Patrick Carney’s Relationship Timeline Before Split



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No Bleach! Highlight Blonde, Red or Brunette Locks With This Hair Lightener



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If you’ve bleached your hair before, you know it can wreak total havoc on your head — especially if your stylist doesn’t exactly know what they’re doing. Fried, brassy, frizzy locks are never fun. Even when your stylist is an expert, damage is inevitable — and the price is absolutely bonkers!

It’s hard enough getting those beautiful, beachy highlights when you’re already blonde, but the time and damage is often even worse if you’re a brunette. So what’s it going to be — frying your hair with bleach or forgetting the highlights altogether? How about neither? Try Suntouched instead!

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Get the Hair Lightener for Light Hair or Dark Hair for just $36 at Suntouched!

These lightening sprays claim to lighten hair up to three shades — with no bleach! The Light Hair version is for hair levels 7-10, including red hair, natural and dyed hair. The Dark Hair version is for levels 1-6. Yes, even the darkest shades can use it! Even just one use can make a huge difference, and you’ll save so much time compared to going to the salon.

Just spray on wet or dry hair, comb through and blow dry for a few minutes, or just go out in the sun. Done! You should start seeing results after a couple of hours, but it’s best to wait overnight for full results. Want to go lighter? Wait a couple of days and then repeat!

This hair lightening spray uses natural ingredients and heat-activated technology to bring out your best beachy self. It’s made with chamomile, lemon peel and pineapple extracts, plus hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and glycerin for soft, healthy locks. One thing we also seriously love is that there’s purple toner integrated into the formula. No brassy, yellow tones!

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Get the Hair Lightener for Light Hair or Dark Hair for just $36 at Suntouched!

This hair lightener wins even more points from Us by being not only bleach-free, but alcohol-free, ammonia-free and sulfate-free as well. It’s vegan and cruelty-free too. The cherry on top? The packaging is 100% recycled!

Combined, the dark and light versions of this gradual hair lightener have earned hundreds of reviews so far. We wouldn’t be surprised to see that number shoot up drastically soon! We love seeing reviewers’ photos, and we definitely love reading about how all of their friends have been asking if they dyed or bleached their hair. They’re “quite impressed” with this product and love it for sensitive scalps. One shopper called using it the “easiest process ever,” while another called it “the first product that actually works” for their hair. Your turn to try!

See it: Get the Hair Lightener for Light Hair or Dark Hair for just $36 at Suntouched!


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