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“Stranger Things” Star Noah Schnapp Confirmed That Will Byers “Is Gay And He Does Love Mike”



“It was always kind of there, but you never really knew, is it just him growing up slower than his friends? Now that he’s gotten older, they made it a very real, obvious thing.”

After years of speculation surrounding Stranger Things character Will Byers’s sexuality, the actor Noah Schnapp has confirmed things once and for all himself. (Warning: Tons of Stranger Things spoilers ahead!)

As you might know, fans have long theorized that Will — one of the hit Netflix show’s leading characters — is gay, with the series seemingly dropping hints over the past few seasons that the teenager doesn’t “like girls.”

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images for Fendi

Back in Season 1, for example, Will was faced with tons of anti-gay remarks not just from bullies at school, but from his own father.

Phillip Faraone / FilmMagic

And in Season 4, which was released in May, Will’s struggle to get on board with the idea of his friends dating was made more apparent than ever, with the teenager even seeming uncomfortable himself when a girl tried flirting with him. All of Will’s close friends — Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Max, and Dustin — engage in heterosexual relationships over the course of the show.

Atsushi Nishijima / Netflix

What’s more, fans have long theorized that Will is in love with his best friend, Mike Wheeler, who is dating Eleven. In fact, Will appeared to reference his feelings toward Mike during an emotional conversation the two shared in the latest season.

Speaking of Eleven, Will turned his face away from Mike’s as he said: “These last few months she’s been so lost without you. She’s so different from other people… And when you’re different, sometimes you feel like a mistake” before bursting into stifled tears.

But while fans have long guessed that Will is gay, both the Stranger Things cast and its creators — the Duffer Brothers — have all but avoided labeling his sexuality outright.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Until now, that is, with Noah confirming fans’ long-running theories in an interview with Variety this week.

Daniele Venturelli / Getty Images for Fendi

“It was always kind of there, but you never really knew, is it just him growing up slower than his friends?” the 17-year-old said. “Now that he’s gotten older, they made it a very real, obvious thing.”

Noting that the Duffer Brothers “obviously” “hinted at” Will’s sexuality in Season 1, Noah said: “Now it’s 100% clear that he is gay and he does love Mike. But before, it was a slow arc. I think it is done so beautifully, because it’s so easy to make a character just like all of a sudden be gay.”

Roy Rochlin / Getty Images

Noah went on to reveal that he’s been approached by Stranger Things viewers who have felt represented by Will’s “real journey and real struggle” on the show.

Steve Granitz / FilmMagic

“People have come up to me — I was just in Paris and this, like, 40-year-old man came up to me and he was like, ‘Wow, this Will character made me feel so good. And I related to it so much. That is exactly who I was when I was a kid.’ That just made me so happy to hear,” he said.

Nbc / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

“They are writing this real character and this real journey and real struggle and they’re doing it so well,” he added.

Geoffroy Van Der Hasselt / AFP via Getty Images

As mentioned, Noah — and the entire cast of Stranger Things — has long avoided labeling Will’s sexuality.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images for Netflix

Just six weeks ago, in fact, Noah addressed the cohort’s ongoing avoidance of commenting on the subject, noting that he felt it was “up to the audience’s interpretation.”

Kristy Sparow / WireImage

“I feel like they never really address it or blatantly say how Will is,” he said. “I think that’s the beauty of it, that it’s just up to the audience’s interpretation, if it’s Will kind of just refusing to grow up and growing up slower than his friends, or if he is really gay.”

Jean Baptiste Lacroix / WireImage

And back in 2016, months after the first season of the show had aired on Netflix, Noah penned a lengthy Instagram post discussing fans’ immediate speculation around Will’s sexuality.

Jason Laveris / FilmMagic

“A good book, or a good show, leaves a lot of unanswered questions but makes you think,” wrote the then-12-year-old. “Which is what you are all doing.”

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

“For me, Will being gay or not is besides the point,” he went on. “Stranger Things is a show about a bunch of kids who are outsiders and find each other because they have been bullied in some way.”

“I’m only 12, but I do know we all relate to being different,” he added. “And that’s why I think the Duffers wrote the show the way they did.”

Miikka Skaffari / WireImage

“You’re supposed to be asking those questions,” said co-creator Matt Duffer a few weeks ago in response to some of the fan theories.

Michael Kovac / Getty Images for AFI

And speaking of his character’s infamous line toward Will that prompted further speculation about his sexuality, Finn Wolfhard — who plays Mike Wheeler — admitted in 2019 that he had no idea if it was actually meant to reference the character’s dating preference.

“I don’t even know if it had to do with Will’s sexuality,” he said. “I think Mike was just mad and listing off a genuine fact that he’s not interested. So, I guess we’ll see what it really meant, but it’s all up to the Duffers and what they want to do.”

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images,

Well, it’s safe to say that with Will’s sexuality now having been confirmed for the first time, fans have wasted no time sharing their thoughts across social media.

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noah schnapp confirming will byers is gay and in love with mike on a random thursday night is the best thing ever

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Kim Was Exposed For Outright Lying About Never Having Had A Gray Hair And The Receipts Are Hilariously Good



As we’re all taught, it’s important to tell the truth — especially when you’re one of the most famous people in the world and might very easily get caught.

Despite being the undisputed queen of meticulously crafting her public image, Kim Kardashian recently found herself caught up in a little white lie — or perhaps a gray one, on this occasion.

The slipup happened on Monday during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, where Kim bragged about having never found a single gray hair on her head.

The discussion began with cohost Ryan Seacrest quizzing Kim on how she maintains her platinum locks, prompting the Skims founder to lift the lid on the lengthy process that goes into bleaching her naturally dark roots.

“When I dye my roots, it’s gonna take probably eight hours, so I’ve just been lazy,” she said. “It’s so much work.”

The trio then moved onto the topic of gray hair, with Kim quick to say she’s yet to reach that milestone.

“I have not gone gray yet,” Kim said, failing to mask the beaming grin on her face. “I haven’t had a gray hair yet, isn’t that weird?!”

Well, Kim, since you asked: Some might say that, yes, that is weird — or certainly a tad unusual, at least.

According to Trichologist Madeleine Preston — who was interviewed on the topic by Cosmopolitan — the majority of women are bound to see a few gray hairs in their 30s, and by the age of 50, most “would expect to have more than 50% of their scalp hairs turn gray.”

Of course, this wildly varies among women, but being that Kim is nearly 42, she’d be doing pretty well to have not found a single gray hair by this point.

Which is where things get a little awkward.

A quick Google search will tell you that Kim actually got her first gray in 2018 at 37 years old — and funnily enough, she broke the news while chatting on Live with Kelly and Ryan that year.

At the time of her appearance, Kim’s then-husband, Kanye West, had been at the center of attention following a number of heated Twitter tirades and controversial interviews, including one where he famously claimed that slavery was a “choice.”

Kim came to her husband’s defense in the wake of the backlash and joked during her appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan that he’d caused her so much stress that she’d gone gray.

“He’s doing really good,” she said of Ye. “He’s in Wyoming recording, he has a couple of albums coming out so he’s just focused on that.”

“I will say,” she added with a smirk, “he gave me my first gray hair this week, and I am blaming that on him.”

Having been through a lot of trauma — and notably, a divorce — in the four years since that interview, Kim could certainly be excused for having forgotten about that one particular gray.

However, the receipts don’t end there.

As recently as this year, we saw Kim come face-to-face with another pesky hair during an episode of The Kardashians.

In a scene shot while Kim was having her glam done in the lead-up to her Saturday Night Live hosting gig in October 2021, her hairstylist Chris Appleton offers to pluck a rogue gray.

SNL stress is getting to me,” Kim replies, seemingly unfazed by Chris’s discovery.

Being that this episode only aired a matter of months ago, plenty of fans were quick to recall the moment and took to Reddit to discuss.

“What a fckn weird thing to lie about. I got my first gray hair at like 24,” one user wrote.

“Like is this an attempt at a flex?” added another as many fans attempted to make sense of her story.

So, why might she lie about such a thing?

Well, if you know much about Kim, you’ll probably be aware that she’s desperate to maintain her youthful looks, a desire that seems to have become more apparent in recent years.

In fact, Kim shamelessly admitted to the New York Times in June that she’d “try anything” that might make her look younger.

“If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might. I just might,” she said, to the disgust of many.

And with all that in mind, I guess there’s only one thing left to say: The truth will always prevail — particularly if you’re Kim K.

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Maitland Ward On Being Sexualized & Shamed On “Boy Meets World” Before Finding Happiness As An Adult Film Star



In Rated X, Ward recalls trying to bury the more sexual part of herself for decades through fear of what other people might think. Speaking to BuzzFeed News, she added: “For so long, especially in Hollywood, I was told you need to be a certain way, you need to be nice, you need to please people, you need to be a good girl, walk the straight and narrow, and I felt like things that were inside of me and my truth were a bad thing, or a dirty thing, or something ‘other than’ or wrong, and so I kept trying to hide it.”

And this is what makes her eventual decision to finally take the plunge — with the unwavering support of her husband — all the more inspiring, and Ward hopes that her story will encourage others to live their truth.

“My story was porn, and it’s more of a salacious story, it’s not a story for everyone,” she began. “But people have been told ‘no’ about things that they wanted to do, or somebody that they wanted to be, or their truth. They’ve been told to hide it… And I just think this is a real story about ‘yes.’

“I hope people can get inspired and can get hope out of it that they can change their lives and make their lives what they want it to be, no matter what other people tell them they’re supposed to do or supposed to be,” Ward added.

Now Ward runs her own business and shoots online content and livestreams while also starring in professional adult movies. She has enjoyed huge success and won industry awards for her performances, and after years of struggling to find work as a “mainstream” actor in Hollywood, she calls the level of control that she finally has over her career “the most freeing thing.”

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Khloé’s “Pure Elation” At Being Told Kendall & Kylie Are “Concerned” About Her Weight Loss Has Made People “Sad”



Ever since her rise to fame in 2007, Khloé Kardashian has battled with her body image after being constantly compared to her sisters.

In 2015, the star recalled being made to feel like “the fat sister” by the media, and opened up about the devastating impact that it had on the way that she viewed herself.

“I didn’t really realize that I was ‘the fat sister,’ if you will, until I went on TV and the media started saying that about me,” she told People magazine at the time. “I almost let that take ownership of me. [But really] I wasn’t fat. I wasn’t obese. But I would let society make me believe that I was.”

Khloé went on to admit that she’d never felt negatively about her body until she found fame, and growing up she felt beautiful despite looking different to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

“I knew I didn’t look like my sisters and I didn’t have those shapes, but I didn’t think that was wrong,” she explained. “I had parents who were incredibly loving and nurturing and always made me feel beautiful so I never really questioned that.”

But as her star power grew, Khloé began to transform her body and before long weight loss had become an established part of her brand — whether it be through her 2017 reality series, Revenge Body, or her book, Strong Looks Better Naked.

Despite her image overhaul throughout the years, her ongoing deep-rooted insecurities were highlighted in April 2021, when an unedited bikini picture went viral after it was accidentally posted online.

Khloé looked sensational in the unauthorized photo, but she was reported to have been “embarrassed” and “freaked out” by it, and social media accounts that reposted the image were threatened with legal action in her bid to scrub it from the internet.

The star addressed the leak on Instagram a few days later, where she admitted to struggling with body image “her whole life.” Khloé went on to add: “In truth, the pressure, constant ridicule and judgment my entire life to be perfect and meet [others’] standards of how I should look has been too much to bear.”

“It’s almost unbearable trying to live up to the impossible standards that the public have all set for me,” she continued, before declaring: “My body, my image and how I choose to look and what I want to share is my choice. It’s not for anyone to decide or judge what is acceptable or not anymore.”

And when Khloé was left heartbroken by her then-partner Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal eight months later, she appeared to lose even more weight.

On Thursday, a source told BuzzFeed News that Tristan and Khloé were secretly engaged when it was revealed via leaked court documents that he was expecting a baby with personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Tristan had attempted to keep the scandal from Khloé and appeared to have no intention of telling her that he had a baby on the way with another woman.

It has since been revealed that Tristan was also encouraging Khloé to go forward with their surrogacy plans for their second baby, and the embryo was transferred to the surrogate just days before news of Maralee’s pregnancy broke online and Khloé found out “with the rest of the world.”

Khloé opened up about the devastating impact that Tristan’s betrayal had on her in last week’s premiere episode of The Kardashians Season 2, where she also discussed her surrogacy journey and son’s birth in July for the first time

And in this week’s episode, which was filmed earlier in the year, Kim revealed that their younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, had expressed concern for Khloé’s extreme weight loss amid all of the drama.

Looking at her sister as they lounged on a bed together, Kim said: “You look very skinny… I will say that Kendall and Kylie — not that I’m trying to out them — but they did text me and say that they were a little concerned for you because you’re really skinny. I said, ‘I think she’s a bit stressed.'”

As the camera cut to Khloé, she appeared to be elated by the comment as a huge smile crept across her face and she held a hand to her chest in disbelief.

“And Kendall said it?” she grinned as she asked Kim. “The model?!”

“Kendall said it,” Kim confirmed. “I said, “No guys, she’s fine, and I said you absolutely have every right to be concerned, but I’m telling you she’s fine.'”

Ignoring the concern from which these comments were made, Khloé let out an excited gasp and playfully posed with her leg in the air while smiling to herself.

Later in the episode, Khloé visited Kendall at her home and as they hugged hello Kendall exclaimed: “You’re so skinny!” to which Khloé replied: “Oh my gosh, you’re so skinny!” Kendall then repeated: “You’re so skinny!”

And both scenes left viewers at home feeling a little uncomfortable, with many expressing their sadness at Khloé’s gleeful reaction to being told that people are concerned about her due to her weight loss.

“So sad to see Khloé look delighted when Kim tells her she’s skinny and they’re all worried about her,” one person wrote on a Reddit thread. Someone replied: “And then her and Kendall hugging and celebrating being skinny 😭 wtf”

“Yeah. I was kinda done with that. Sisters apparently expressing concern about her health & she celebrates?” another user wrote.

The sentiment was echoed in a second Reddit forum, where a user commented: “So fucking sad to watch Khloe react with pure elation as Kim told her the siblings expressed concern over her dramatic weight loss… It’s almost as if the only thing her self worth is tied to now is her BMI ☹️”

“Why was Khloe literally excited that Kendall thought she was getting too skinny ?!” another asked. One person replied: “She’s been told for so long that she’s overweight by her family and media that it can be validating to hear the opposite, especially when people think you’re skinny enough that they get concerned. It’s sad though.”

Others weren’t impressed with the way that the show presented the concern, with a fan writing: “Then they just glossed over it? Completely erasing the severity and complexity of her new weight loss — they could’ve turned the moment into a meaningful conversation and also maybe added a trigger warning.”

This isn’t the first time that the Kardashians have been called out for glorifying weight loss. In 2018 Kim was forced to apologize after her sisters shared a series of videos where they praised her for being “skinny,” and she joyfully responded to being called “anorexic.”

And earlier this year Kim was also criticized by a registered dietician for setting a “terrible example” and “perpetuating eating disorders” by boasting about losing a significant amount of weight to fit into her Met Gala dress.

Elsewhere in Thursday’s episode of The Kardashians, Khloé did go on to admit that she was struggling, explaining: “It’s a lot but I just like to isolate and deal with things on my own and everyone has problems so why would I bring it, you’ve just got to deal with that.”

“What I do know is that all of it sucks and it’s humiliating, it’s hurtful, I just don’t have anything else to give,” she added.

Khloé and Tristan have had an on and off relationship since 2016, which has been dogged with infidelity.

Just days before Khloé gave birth to their first child — daughter True – in 2018, it was revealed that Tristan had been cheating on her throughout her pregnancy.

The following year, he was caught kissing Kylie’s then-best-friend Jordyn Woods at a party, and it has now been revealed that Tristan proposed to Khloé that December, even though they weren’t officially back together at the time.

Khloé turned him down, but a source told BuzzFeed News that they revisited the subject of an engagement in February 2021 and she accepted, but they did not publicly announce the news.

One month after their engagement, Tristan left the 30th birthday party that Khloé had thrown for him to have sex with Maralee — who he’d been seeing “sporadically” for sex for months prior.

Maralee got pregnant and ended up filing legal documents against Tristan for child support and pregnancy-related expenses. In the paperwork, she claimed that Tristan had offered her $75,000 to get an abortion and warned her that he’d play no role in their child’s life.

Khloé was unaware of Maralee, her pregnancy, and Tristan’s lawsuit until it was reported in the press in December 2021, shortly before Maralee gave birth to her son, Theo.

Khloé’s second child with Tristan, a baby boy, was already on the way at this point, but Khloé ended their engagement and is now said to only speak to Tristan about coparenting-related matters.

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