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Halsey’s Tattoos: Everything To Know About Their Ink



Halsey is one of the most exciting stars in music. With their alternative approach to pop, the 27-year-old singer blends genres and has appealed to tons of different audiences since their 2015 breakout debut album Badlands dropped. Most recently, they’ve embraced a more rock-oriented sound with their 2021 hit If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power.

Besides expressing themselves musically, Halsey has also tattooed a wide array of artwork all over their body. The popstar has a ton of different designs with many different meanings. Find out more about all of the “Without Me” singer’s ink here!

Queen of Diamonds Face Tat

One of Halsey’s immediately noticeable tats is a face piece with a red Q and diamond, referencing the Queen of Diamonds from a deck of cards. Their artist Nal showed their piece on Instagram in June 2018.

“Loser” Lyrics

Also visible from the shot of the Queen of Diamonds piece are the words “I’m a loser baby” on Halsey’s neck. The piece was done by the popular artist Jon Boy in January 2018. and the line is a reference to the chorus of Beck’s 1994 hit single “Loser.”

‘Hopeless Fallen Kingdom’ Butterfly

Halsey has a beautiful black-and-white monarch butterfly down near their right wrist. They revealed that they’d opted for the butterfly over a bee (which are often mentioned in Hopeless Fallen Kingdom) in an interview with Marie Claire. They said they liked the winged insects’ “cool power.”

‘Brat’ Wrist Ink

On one of their wrists, Halsey has the word “Brat” inked in. The tat is apparently a reference to their parents calling her the name (in a loving way) when she was a child, according to Cosmopolitan. 

No-Face From ‘Spirited Away’

Halsey clearly seems to be a fan of the Japanese animated film Spirited Away. They have a black-and-white sketch of the beloved character No-Face from the Studio Ghibli film on their inner right arm.

‘Heaven In Hiding’ Ghost

On Halsey’s left fore-arm they have a simple sketch of a frowning ghost (think: Charlie Brown with a sheet over his head). Above their ghost, Halsey has the title of their 2017 track “Heaven in Hiding” written above it. It’s not clear if the ghost is a reference to the song, but they’re so close together, you can’t miss them.

Libra Scale

With their birthday falling on September 29, Halsey is a Libra, and they have a tattoo of the symbol for their astrological sign, again done by Jon Boy. They also have the words “sins” and “forgiveness” next to it, in a nod to Lil Wayne’s line from “She Will,” where he rapped “On my Libra scale, I’m weighin’ sins and forgiveness.”

‘Playboy’ Pants

Just above the scale, Halsey has what appear to be a pair of jeans with the famous logo for Playboy on one of the back pockets. The singer posed for the front cover back in January 2017, but some fans criticized them for the decision. They defended the move in a 2018 interview with Marie Claire. 


One of Halsey’s most famous tattoos is a self-portrait on their forearm with the word “Everything” underneath it. Long rumored to be a reference to her one-time-beau Lido (per Cosmo), it’s not clear if it’s definitely a reference to the fellow musician, but it is a beautiful, simple drawing.

Musical Notes

While the ink has sparked rumors among fans, it should come as no surprise that Halsey has a bit of sheet music on their arm, which you can see along with other tattoos here. They are one of the biggest stars in the music business after all!


A big fan of numbers, Halsey has their brother Sevian’s birthday on the back of their arm. Her younger sibling celebrates his special day on May 11.


Halsey has the sacred symbol of the ‘Om’ on one of their arms. Drawn from the Hindu religion, the symbol is one of the most important in the practice and it represents an array of triads, per Brittanica. 


The popstar has a set of dice on their forearm, which appear to be roled at 5 and 6. It’s not clear if either number or the total of “11” are symbolic of anything. Paul Klein of LANY said that the pair got them matching in a 2019 GQ interview.

Match-ing With Fans

Halsey has an unlit match on their arm, but it’s more than just the match. It’s also a bit of a pun. They revealed that they got the tattoo with three fans, in the above-mentioned iHeart interview. So they all have matching matches, but it’s not just a fun inside joke. “I also told them that an unlit match represents not playing all your good cards like you have one. It’s unlit and I think what that represents is potential. You can strike at any moment. And I told them that when they feel like they’ve reached a point of potential in their life, or they feel like they’ve done something that they wanted to do for a long time, I told them that they should go back, get a flame added to it, and then let me know when they do because it’s a significant moment,” they said.

Flower shoulders

Halsey has two tattoos of flowers on each shoulder. An outline of a rose on one and a horseshoe with the other. The horseshoe has a big deeper meaning to them. ” In tattoo culture, you’re not supposed to tattoo a horseshoe upside down because it means all the luck is spilling out, so it’s actually bad luck. I got an upside-down horseshoe to signify that I don’t need luck,” they told iHeart.


More numbers! The singer has the number 17 on two knuckles, which is their lucky number, per Popdust.

Three X’s

While three x’s typically represent a straight-edge lifestyle, they have a different meaning for Halsey. “My grandma used to do x’s for my brothers and I, so it’s me and my two brothers. But it kind of turned into a different meaning, because it almost means like a parental advisory, like it’s an explicit thing, which is really funny because I’ve found many people consider me to be incredibly explicit when I don’t realize that I am. So it’s almost like a joke; like I myself have a parental advisory label on me, on my body,” they told iHeart.


No, that’s not a New York City area code! Halsey has the number “929” tatted on their knuckles. The ink is a reference to their track of the same name from their 2020 record Manic, and the number represents that the singer was born at 9:29 on September 29.

Juice WRLD Tribute

After emo-rapper Juice Wrld’s sudden death in December 2019, many of his songs were left incomplete. Halsey collaborated on the song “Life’s a Mess,” which was released posthumously, and they got the phrase, along with Juice’s signature number “999” on their knuckles. “It means everything to me that I could be a part of this album. I cried the first time that I heard it,” Halsey wrote on Instagram, announcing the track.

‘Crazy’ Wrist Tattoo

Halsey once had the words “The crazy kind” on their wrist in reference to former boyfriend G-Eazy, but they appear to have covered it, per PopSugar. 


One of Halsey’s easiest to hide pieces of ink is also very simple. They have the word “Baby,” on their lower stomach.

Shakespeare Quote

Given that Hopeless Fountain Kingdom was inspired by Romeo And Juliet, it’s only fitting that Halsey has one of the most famous quotes from The Bard’s play. The singer has William Shakespeare’s famous line “These violent delights have violent ends” on one of their arms.

Mom’s anchor

No better place for an anchor tattoo than on one of your feet! Halsey has a colorful piece on their foot with a banner across it with their mom’s initials. It was their first piece too! “It’s an anchor, and it has my mom’s initials in it, and she has the same one. We got them together,” they told iHeart. “My mom was like ‘We anchor each other.’”


While it may be mistaken for just a red circle, Halsey has the red planet on their arm. They opened up about the piece in a 2019 interview with iHeart. “I met a guy on tour that I became really good friends with, and his birthday is on my half birthday, and I’m a Libra. So my ruling planet is Venus, and his ruling planet is Mars, which are also opposites. So it’s like opposite birthdays, opposite signs, technically opposite personalities in astrology, but complete opposites, and we were really good friends. So I got Mars, and he got Venus. We got each other’s planets,” they explained.


Of the many words that Halsey has on their body, they share the word “Seeds” with their longtime boyfriend Alev. Their artist Amanda Owley shared a photo of the word inked on their feet on her Instagram. “‘Seeds’ is for planting seeds. [Halsey] said this is cosmicly the best week to plant seeds in your life. I agree,” they wrote.

‘Little Prince’ Symbols

On one thigh, Halsey has symbols representing a cactus, a volcano, a dog, and a flower. The illustrations are an homage to the classic children’s book The Little Prince.

Kissing Outline

A clear fan of outlines! Halsey has a small sketch of a couple kissing on their other thigh, but it’s just two people’s mouths locked. No eyes or anything!


Halsey definitely seems to enjoy high class footwear, and they’ve got some brand loyalty when it comes to athletic sneakers. They’ve got a set of legs and feet wearing high-top Nike sneakers on their arm.


Visible on their hip, Halsey also has the word “Serendipity” written in script, a seeming ode to what Merriam Webster defines as “the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for.”

Four Leaf Clover

While a four-leaf clover is an almost universal sign of good luck, the singer revealed that their ink is much more than just a lucky charm on Twitter. They revealed that their ink is inspired by the father of their son and longtime partner Alev Aydin, since he celebrates his birthday on March 17, which is St. Paddy’s Day.

‘Poor Thing’ Band-Aids

While it’s unclear if it has any deeper meaning, Halsey has two bandages with the phrase “poor thing” overlapping on their knee. The singer debuted the ink by Emily Malice on their Instagram in July 2019. 


Don’t worry! This tattoo on Halsey’s butt is a clear reference to their 2017 record Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. 

Marilyn Manson

Perhaps one that hasn’t aged so well. Halsey tweeted that they got a tattoo of the singer Marilyn Manson on their ribcage in a 2019 tweet. Given the allegations of abuse against Marilyn, this one may be best covered up.

‘Star Wars’

Clearly a fan of The Mandalorian, the popstar has the Mythosaur skull on one arm. They said they love having a “deep cut” reference to the classic movies on them. “I get asked about it all the time – sometimes by people who tell me they love Star Wars,” they told iHeart.


Halsey has two knives on their legs. One is designed to look like it’s tied around their ankle, and they also have a dagger with the number 13 in a banner across it. They revealed it was a Friday the 13th tattoo, which is a tradition in the world to get the number inked on the annual day. They also said the piece was a “remembrance of a friend that passed away” to iHeart.


Halsey tweeted about getting the Latin word for “fierce” in 2014. “It was given to me with a sweing needle, India ink, and a lot of vodka,” she tweeted.


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Jimmy Fallon’s Kids: Meet His Two Adorable Daughters



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Image Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock

  • Jimmy Fallon is an award-winning television host who has led ‘The Tonight Show’ since 2014
  • Jimmy has two daughters with his wife, Nancy
  • Both their daughters were born via surrogate and have turned into curious young kids

Jimmy Fallon is a father by day and an Emmy Award-winning television host by night. The Tonight Show host became a father for the first time when his daughter, Winnie, was born in 2013. Her little sister, Frances, made her debut the following year. Jimmy, 48, shares both his girls with his wife, Nancy Juvonen, to whom he’s been married since 2007.

Frances and Winnie appear on Jimmy’s social media pages routinely and often made cameos on The Tonight Show while it was filmed at their home amid the coronavirus pandemic. “I really bonded with my daughters during that time because I was never normally home that long,” he recalled to PEOPLE in April 2021 of the “bizarre” time. “Usually I’m at work, so I got to really wake up and go to bed with them every single night for months. I think there was a real bond there that we’ll never forget.”

Read on to learn everything there is to know about Jimmy Fallon’s daughters, Frances and Winnie.

Winnie Rose Fallon

Winnie Rose Fallon was born on July 23, 2013 via surrogacy. Her arrival was a surprise to most people, including many of Jimmy’s co-workers.  “My wife and I had been trying a while to have a baby,” he told TODAY‘s  Savannah Guthrie in Aug. 2013. “We tried a bunch of things — so we had a surrogate.” He added, “We said, ‘We’re not going to tell anybody. It’d be just more fun if it’s just private between me and my wife. And then we get to introduce her to everybody.”

Now that Winnie is getting older, she’s grown into a curious child with various interests. In a 2021 Instagram post, Jimmy shared an image of her standing proudly with her drawing of a dog and said she requested that he share her art for all to see. “My daughters have discovered @clairesstores and they came home with some stuffed animals. Winnie drew a picture of one today and thought I should put it on the internet so that kids (or whoever, really!) can print it & color it for free,” he wrote. “Here ya go – third slide. Enjoy!” How sweet.

Winnie also loves animals, and in 2018, Jimmy revealed she had an animal-themed birthday party. “Winnie just turned five, which is a big deal to have a five-year-old in the house,” he told E! News. “I think this is the first birthday that she’s gonna remember, because when you throw these parties you’re like, ‘She’ll never remember this.’”

“We had a petting zoo … I mean we went for it, dude,” he continued. “I never had a birthday party like this. I would have like three friends and we’d go to McDonald’s and that was it. That was a big party for me, man. So this was like, she better remember this.”

Frances Cole Fallon

Frances Cole made her entrance into the world on Dec. 3, 2014. “Frances Cole Fallon officially entered the world at 8:45 a.m. on Dec. 3, weighing 5 lbs., 11 oz. and is 18.5 inches long,” a statement from Jimmy’s representative given to PEOPLE read. “Their new addition joins big sister, Winnie Rose, 16 months. The couple opted to keep their baby joy to themselves until their new daughter made her official debut. Both Fallon babies were born via surrogate.”

After taking a few days off from The Tonight Show to enjoy some family time, Jimmy came back bursting with pride and even showed a pic of his newborn daughter on the show. “That’s just a cute little baby, right?” he gushed. “I just want to say it’s just a big deal for us and I just want to thank everyone, the nurses and the doctors and our surrogate, who had our baby. There are angels in Dallas, Texas.”

France seems to enjoy partaking in activities with her older sister. In Jan. 22, Frances, Winnie, and their mom looked like they had the best snow day ever in matching retro-style snowsuits. And before that, Frances joined Winnie alongside their father to try what is supposedly the best crumb cake in the world.

It also appears that both kids don’t shy away from the camera. They starred alongside their father and mother in a Frito-Lay’s campaign that aired during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2021. Although they were happy to do the job, the comedian and writer admitted he wasn’t sure if he wanted his girls to be in the spotlight like that.

“I go, ‘I don’t know, man.’ Not about them getting [in] the business, but I don’t know if they’re good actors,” he told PEOPLE before the commercial debuted. “They’re not actor kids. I don’t know if they’re going to be good, this might waste everyone’s time.”

He decided to ask Nancy, who was excited about the possibility — and even signed herself up for the job, too. “And she was like, ‘I think you gotta, the kids are cute. If the kids are doing it, I’m going to do it too, so let’s just do it as a family,’” he recalled of their conversation. “It turned out to be great. They were good actors. My girls got a good laugh.”

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Vanessa Bryant Reaches $29M Settlement in Suit Over Kobe Bryant Crash Photos



Vanessa Bryant Reaches $29M Settlement in Suit Over Kobe Bryant Crash Photos

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Ariana Madix Shades Raquel Leviss Amid Cheating Scandal: ‘I Don’t Know’ Her



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Image Credit: MediaPunch/Shutterstock

Nothing says shade like quoting the iconic Mariah Carey! While on a coffee run in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix, 37, threw some shade at her co-star, Raquel Leviss, 28, who is the woman Tom Sandoval, 39, cheated on Ariana with (watch VIDEO HERE). When a paparazzi asked the blonde beauty if Raquel has “called to apologize“, Ariana responded with, “I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

ariana shades raquel

To add fuel to the fire, Ariana was also asked how she felt about the upcoming reunion episode. She made it clear that it’s not an event she is excited about. “What do you think?”, she asked the camera person on Mar. 21. During the outing, the 37-year-old TV personality rocked a casual, yet chic, ensemble. Ariana opted for a pair of black leggings, an oversized black crewneck sweater, and black athletic sneakers. She accessorized her look with an on-trend small white purse and oversized sunglasses. She also tied her blonde tressed up in a messy updo for the afternoon outing.

Ariana’s outing comes one day after the midseason trailer for the hit reality show premiered. The trailer was released amid the ongoing “Scandoval” regarding Tom and Ariana’s breakup due to his affair with Raquel. Not only did Tom’s now-ex tell him she wants him to “die” in the clip, but she was also spotted skinny dipping with her friend, Brett Kenyon, who revealed his identity via TikTok on Tuesday.

Since Mar. 3, practically the entire Bravo TV fan base has been keeping tabs on the ongoing drama between these three. Not only was it revealed that Tom and Raquel had been having an affair for “months”, but it also took place during filming the show’s latest season. The rumors about their affair also began in the summer of 2022, however, Ariana did not become aware until just days prior to their public split. Season 10 of the hit show is currently airing on Bravo, with executive producer, Andy Cohen, confirming it will be a part of this season.

Not only has a plethora of the cast reacted to the split, including Kristen Doute, 40, Lala Kent, 32, James Kennedy, 31, and Katie Maloney, 36, to name a few, but Ariana also broke her silence on Mar. 16. “hi. where to begin? i want to express my most sincere gratitude for the outpouring of love and support i have received from friends, family, and people i’ve never even met in the last two weeks. when i have felt like i couldn’t even stand, you all have given me the strength to continue and seen me through my darkest hours,” her caption began.

“to say i have been devastated and broken is an understatement. however, i know that i am not in this alone. so many of my closest friends are also grieving this loss right now and reeling from this betrayal on so many levels. i am so f****** lucky to have the best support system in the world and i hope i can repay every single person for the love you have shown me. what doesn’t kill me better run,” Ariana concluded. As many know, Tom and Ariana dated for nine years, as they made their romance Instagram official in Feb. 2014. The next episode of Vanderpump Rules is set to air on Bravo on Mar. 22.

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