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9 TV Shows We’re Loving Right Now



You know that feeling that sets in about four minutes into a legal procedural drama, when your brain empties of all thoughts and you let the soothing predictability of the episode’s beats transport you to a meditative state? That’s the feeling The Lincoln Lawyer evokes.

The Netflix series was created by David E. Kelley, who long before becoming a mainstay at HBO (Big Little Lies, Nine Perfect Strangers) gave us the legal drama The Practice, its spinoff, the legal drama Boston Legal, and, just to show he has the range, the legal dramedy Ally McBeal. In other words, with The Lincoln Lawyer, you’re in capable and well-practiced hands.

His latest series follows Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo), a wiley but moral lawyer recovering from a drug addiction, who is forced out of a hiatus when a murder sets the wheels in motion for him to inherit another lawyer’s practice, including a high-profile case of a tech bro accused of murder. Lots of murder! But if murder isn’t enough for you, how’s this: Mickey has to balance working, parenting, and managing his relationship with his first ex-wife, Maggie (Neve Campbell), who is also a lawyer. Mickey’s quest is aided by his two employees: his second ex-wife, Lorna (Becki Newton), and her fiance, Cisco (Angus Sampson), who is Mickey’s shady but reliable fixer.

Technically, the series is an adaptation of The Brass Verdict, the 2008 Michael Connelly novel that serves as the sequel to The Lincoln Lawyer. But the first book was already adapted into a very successful 2011 film starring a very forlorn Matthew McConaughey, and Netflix is probably counting on the significant chance that you remember the movie so you click play.

And click play you should! The Lincoln Lawyer (the TV series, not the movie or the novel) is highly competent, looks expensive, occasionally gripping, and ultimately as low-stakes as it’s going to get for you. They shout, “Objection!” A judge sometimes growls, “Sustained!” Sometimes, a grumpy judge even says, “Sidebar, counselors,” and then you know the lawyers have really fucked up. Press play and let the warm glow of the TV work its magic. —E.A.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Jane Seymour recalls one of her final visits with dear friend Olivia Newton-John



Jane Seymour and Olivia Newton-John have been friends for around 40 years.

On TODAY Tuesday, Seymour, 71, recalled one of the last times she saw Newton-John before the “Grease” star’s death and she said that Newton-John was very accommodating to her, even though she forgot that Seymour and her two sisters were coming over to visit.

Olivia Newton-John and Jane Seymour attend the 2019 Industry Dance Awards at Avalon Hollywood on August 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, Calif.Rachel Luna / FilmMagic

“She got the day wrong,” Seymour said. “But she knew we traveled like two or three hours to get there. And she got out of bed, got dressed and came out in a walker. I mean, she shouldn’t have gotten out of bed at all. And she just sat down with us for quite a while and asked about us: ‘How are we? How were our lives? How could she help us?’ And then she just looked around and she said, ‘Isn’t it beautiful here?’ And I said, ‘Yes, it is.’ She said, ‘I sit out here and I just look at the world. How beautiful! Look at the sky, look at the hummingbirds, look at that dog, look at this life that we have and look at us together after all these years.”

Seymour said that Newton-John’s perspective on life reminded her that “life is a journey.”

“It has its ups and its downs and she just had such strength and fortitude and as much as she was suffering, she never spoke about it ever,” Seymour said. “She just put a smile on her face and said, ‘You know what? I’m thriving.'”

On Monday, Newton-John’s husband, John Easterling, announced that the “Xanadu” singer had died “peacefully at her ranch in Southern California,” surrounded by family and friends. Newton-John was 73.

“We ask that everyone please respect the family’s privacy during this very difficult time,” he said in a statement on Facebook.

Newton-John’s death comes after she was treated multiple times for breast cancer. Seymour said that if there’s anything anyone can ever learn from Newton-John, it’s that she “always did her best and gave back.”

“I miss her,” Seymour added.

“She was just this positive light and an amazing person,” she said.

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Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott ‘Doing Fantastic’ and ‘Successfully Co-Parenting’ After Baby No. 2, Says Source



Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are thriving. The couple, who welcomed their second child in February, are said to be doing better than ever as both co-parents and partners as they’ve adjusted to life with two littles. 

A source tells ET, “Things between Kylie and Travis are going super well. They have really mastered being together and successfully co-parenting. It’s really working for them and they are just living life. They’re doing fantastic as parents of two.”

Over the weekend, Kylie brought their 4-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster, out to support Travis during his big return to London. On Saturday, the makeup mogul and the couple’s firstborn watched the “Antidote” rapper as he performed at London’s O2 area.  

The Kardashians star shared a series of pictures from the evening. The photo carousel leads with a picture of the mother-daughter duo — who wore matching pants — hugging Travis backstage. Kylie, 24, also used the moment to show off the family’s style, as she shared a photo of her, Stormi and Travis showing off their matching shoes. 

“Travis is very involved as a father and Kylie loves that,” the source adds. “He really makes Kylie and his family a top priority, which is a big reason as to why they work as a couple. He is always going above and beyond as a dad and as a partner and Kylie appreciates his dedication to her and their little ones.”

The family’s trip to London comes two months after Kylie, Travis and Stormi walked the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards — ahead of Travis’ first televised performance since the Astroworld tragedy. For the occasion, Kylie and Stormi wore head-to-toe Balmain, as they watched the performance in Las Vegas. 

As for the couple’s six-month-old son, he has been kept largely out of the spotlight. So far, the family has not yet given the world a look at his face — or revealed his official name.  


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Zendaya’s “Euphoria” Role Almost Went To An Unknown Actor Recovering From Addiction & It’s Divided People



In 2020, then–24-year-old Zendaya became the youngest person to win an Emmy in the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series category after she wowed critics and fans alike with her performance as Rue in the HBO drama Euphoria.

And last month, the actor told Vanity Fair that she was “overwhelmed” to have been nominated for four more Emmys following the second season of the show, which premiered earlier this year.

So there is no doubt that Zendaya has proven herself in the grueling role, with Rue a 17-year-old girl who is battling drug addiction following the death of her father.

The star has put her heart and soul into her performances for the TV series, and previously said that filming had left her with physical scars and bruises in addition to the mental toll that the difficult scenes had taken to film.

And while it may be impossible for fans of Euphoria to imagine anybody else as Rue, the show’s casting director, Jennifer Venditti, recently revealed that the role almost went to a first-time actor who her team had scouted on the street.

In an interview with Variety that was published on Monday, Venditti said that the unknown woman had recovered from drug addiction herself, giving her “a similar trajectory [to] Rue.”

However, she and showrunner Sam Levinson had concerns that the project would prove to be too difficult for the actor and that she wouldn’t be able to “handle” filming the show.

“There was a young woman who had been street scouted by my team who was a magical person and had a similar trajectory as Rue and had come around to the other side,” Venditti told the publication in reference to Rue’s struggles with drug addiction.

“But with a TV show, it can be many years [of work]. We all loved her, but when we went through the rigor of the process, we didn’t know if she could handle what it would take in terms of stamina,” Venditti went on.

Venditti put the actor in touch with a coach to see if they could help her process the “emotional weight” of the project, but she and Levinson decided that she ultimately wasn’t ready.

“It’s so interesting. A polar opposite. Because here’s Zendaya, who has none of the life experiences of Rue, who was able to dig into her toolbox and access it in such a beautiful way,” she concluded.

The anecdote has divided people online, with some criticizing Venditti and Levinson for casting an already-established star instead of giving another young actor their big break.

“What a weird thing to talk about,” one person tweeted in response to the article. “I feel like it’s strange to say ‘we street scouted a young actor who overcame addiction and was perfect for the role but then we gave it to zendaya instead,’ like, just keep that in the archives it’s like you’re rubbing their nose in it.”

what a weird thing to talk about. i feel like it’s strange to say “we street scouted a young actor who overcame addiction and was perfect for the role but then we gave it to zendaya instead” like just keep that in the archives it’s like your rubbing their nose in it

Twitter: @sizzlipeed

Another agreed: “Thinking about how this could have been a life-changing role for the actor and could have probably really helped things a lot financially but the creative team decided to go with a celebrity who already was successful. Not hating on Zendaya or her performance but it’s just weird.”

thinking about how this could have been a life-changing role for the actor and could have probably really helped things a lot financially but the creative team decided to go with a celebrity who already was successful. not hating on zendaya or her performance but it’s just weird.

Twitter: @bisexualcrises

One more echoed: “So a first-time actor with similar experiences to the character who’s career could’ve been made on the show, was given to someone who’s already extremely rich and privileged with an already-made career? Zendaya did incredible but this is just odd to me.”

so a first-time actor with similar experiences to the character who’s career could’ve been made on the show, was given to someone who’s already extremely rich and privileged with an already-made career? zendaya did incredible but this is just odd to me

Twitter: @tylerhancockkk

“This is such an odd story to share when you didn’t actually go with the unknown actor,” someone else wrote. “Instead you’re just bragging about leaving a recovered addict to obscurity and condescendingly saying ‘amazingly, she couldn’t handle it, unlike Zendaya!’”

this is such an odd story to share when you didn’t actually go with the unknown actor. instead you’re just bragging about leaving a recovered addict to obscurity and condescendingly saying “amazingly, she couldn’t handle it, unlike Zendaya!”

Twitter: @brosenstock18

However, the discourse has sparked backlash, with others arguing that it would have been exploitative to put an amateur actor in a potentially triggering situation.

“I do not think this is a bad look,” one person wrote on a Reddit forum. “It just sounds as if they tried to go one way with whoever was going to play Rue, but ultimately found that Zendaya was better prepared to handle the emotional complexities of the character.”

“And based on the material the show handles, casting someone who was very similar to Rue could have been really destructive for an upcoming actress. Rue needed to be played by someone with more training,” they added.

“Yes, I imagine that it would be very triggering for anyone who’d ever dealt with addiction to have to stimulate drug use for their job,” a second user agreed. “It sounds like both the girl and the production team came to the conclusion that being in that environment would not be good for her, even if the drugs and booze were fake.”

Another person wrote: “100%. In what world is ‘she had incredible talent but at the end we were worried it would hurt her mentally so we had to look out for her mental health and say no’ a BAD thing?? goodness y’all.”

“Honestly I think it might have been for the best. Street scouting means that she didn’t seek out an audition and maybe wasn’t an actor even,” someone else commented. “Why make someone relive possible trauma by making them basically reenact their worst time? It would have been exploitative.”

This rings particularly true for Season 2 Episode 5 of the show, which saw Rue try to escape an intervention from her friends and family after they discovered that she’d relapsed and was taking drugs again.

Zendaya admitted that she was worried about shooting the dramatic episode due to the toll it’d take on her both physically and mentally.

“I was scared to tackle it because I didn’t want to see Rue like that, or have to go through that. Your body is a person, it doesn’t know that what you’re doing is not real,” she told Elle Australia. “My brain can say ‘ok I’m pretending’ but when I’m doing it, my body and my heart don’t know that it’s not real.”

“It wasn’t always easy,” she added. “I’m screaming in the face of people I care about. It’s not fun, so I appreciate the safe environment that I had to do that.”

Elsewhere in Venditti’s interview, she told Variety that model Hunter Schafer originally turned down the role of Jules.

“I reached out to her agent and they originally passed. [The actor] had to be open to any kind of sexual situations. So imagine that you were not really thinking of acting, and someone brings an opportunity with possible nudity,” she shared.

“I was like, ‘Can we just meet?’ Obviously, I’d respect her decision if that was something that, ultimately, she wasn’t comfortable with. But I didn’t feel comfortable just not having a discussion about it to see what her thoughts were and to explain what it was,” Venditti added.

Venditti also put Schafer in touch with an acting coach, and she ended up getting the part after auditioning opposite the unknown actor that they were going to cast as Rue.

And while the street scouting didn’t quite go to plan for the role of Rue, a then-18-year-old Angus Cloud was successful when he was approached by a casting agent while walking down the street.

Angus was working as a waiter in an American chicken-and-waffles restaurant in New York City at the time, and was asked to audition for the role of Fezco.

“She gave me her phone number, so I called her, I went, they had me do a couple auditions and whatnot, and then I flew out to film the pilot in LA,” the actor told the Face.

He is now a Euphoria fan favorite, and has also signed to IMG Models.

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