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Kristin Cavallari, Stephen Colletti recall reuniting after 10 years … and possibly kissing



Kristin Cavallari and ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti are opening up about their long friendship in the debut episode of their new “Laguna Beach” rewatch podcast with Dear Media, “Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen.”

The former reality stars were involved in a real-life on-again, off-again romance that was seen on the MTV series, which aired from 2004 to 2006.

Now, the old flames are hinting that the passion between them may have reignited two years ago after Cavallari, 35, split with husband Jay Cutler after almost seven years of marriage.

Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari, seen here in a 2008 photo, reminisce about old times in the debut episode of their “Laguna Beach” rewatch podcast, “Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen.” Jesse Grant / Getty Images for IMG

“We’ve actually stayed in touch over the years, I will say. I do feel like we’ve reconnected a little bit more in the last year and a half,” Cavallari revealed, mentioning that Colletti, 36, had met her children with Cutler: Camden, 9, Jaxon, 8, and Saylor, 6.Later in the episode, Cavallari shared details about the potentially flirty night in 2020 when she and the former “One Tree Hill” star reunited after a decade.

“It had at least been 10 years since we had seen each other. So anyways, we went to dinner, we had a lot of fun. Do we tell the whole story?” she asked.

Colletti jokingly recalled the two dancing on tabletops together.

“We may or may not have kissed,” said Cavallari.

“Did we?” Colletti coyly asked.

“I can’t remember,” responded Cavallari, who then mentioned the cozy photo of the pair that she posted on Instagram at the time.

“2004 or 2020,” she captioned the shot, which showed her sitting in Colletti’s lap with her arms wrapped around his neck.

“That was my most-liked photo of anything I’ve ever posted on Instagram. I mean, you beat all of my children. You beat, like, any milestone in my life,” she said. “So to me, that’s actually very sweet because it shows how invested the audience was of ‘Laguna Beach,’” she said.

“I’ll let you decide if you want to tell the rest of the story or not,” Cavallari added.

Colletti recalled Cavallari knowing that the photo would generate excitement.

“You asked me if you could post the picture and I was like, ‘Yeah, of course. It’s, like, blurry picture of us. But sure, go for it,’ understanding that there was going to be a little bit of a stir,” he said.

But the brouhaha over the pic was bigger than he anticipated. “That basically shut down my phone for a full day,” he recalled, adding that friends began texting him to inquire about his love life.

He added, “The attention from it was shocking, to say the least … yeah, you owe me dinner for that one.”

Earlier in the episode, Cavallari described Colletti, whom she began dating in high school, as her “first love.”

“We dated for real my sophomore year, your junior year, right? We were together for, I think, a little over a year. And I would say that was actually probably the best that we ever were,” recalled Cavallari.

“Before MTV showed up,” joked Colletti. “A hundred percent.”

“We were great. I mean, I would say you were my first love. Like, we really had a very sweet, great relationship,” added Cavallari.

Cavallari then took “full credit” for breaking up with Colletti to hook up with future “Laguna Beach” castmate Talan Torriero.

However, Colletti challenged his ex’s memory about how all that went down.

“Wait, did you break up with me first?” he asked.

“I think so,” Cavallari meekly answered. “Wait, did you break up with me?”

“No, no, no. I’m wondering when the hookup to the breakup timeline happened,” responded Colletti, laughing.

“Did I cheat on you?” responded Cavallari. “I’m sorry if I did.”

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‘Purple Hearts’ star Sofia Carson and director defend Netflix film after backlash



The numbers don’t lie. Currently in its second week, Netflix’s “Purple Hearts” has been watched for more than 100 million hours. The drama, starring Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine, follows a liberal musician who agrees to marry a Marine in order to get health insurance.

While the movie has become a huge hit on the streaming giant, it has also faced criticism about misogynistic and racist themes; during one scene, a Marine makes a toast and says, “This one is to life, love and hunting down some goddamn Arabs, baby!” While Carson’s Cassie calls him out before storming off, Galitzine’s Luke brushes it off and it’s soon forgotten, as are his more conservative views she was once unhappy about.

RELATED: Military spouses react to Netflix’s new ‘Purple Hearts’ movie

Although director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum has focused on the positive reactions to the film, she has seen the criticism.

“I hope that people understand that in order for characters to grow, they need to be flawed in the beginning. So we very much intentionally created two characters that had been bred to hate each other,” she tells Variety. “They are flawed at the beginning and that was intentional. In order for the red heart and the blue heart to kind of turn purple, you have to have them be kind of extreme. Some of the people that they’re surrounded with are even more flawed than they are.”

Nicholas Galitzine as Luke and Sofia Carson as Cassie in “Purple Hearts.”Mark Fellman/Netflix / Mark Fellman/Netflix

“They both have been neglected by the system; he’s hurt in a war that doesn’t seem to be ending and she’s slipping through the cracks of the healthcare system,” she continued. “So they’re both neglected by the system, and then they live under one roof, and in these extreme circumstances, they learn to become more moderate and to listen to each other and to love.”

She adds that the country is “very flawed” at the moment, which they wanted to present in the film.

“That was the biggest, most important part of the theme,” says Rosenbaum. “I do hope that anyone who’s in any way insulted by it understands that our intentions are very pure, and it’s because we feel like people need to grow and need to start to become more moderate.”

“Why I fell in love with the movie is that it’s a love story but it’s so much more than that,” Carson, who is an executive producer on the movie, adds. “It’s two hearts, one red, one blue, two worlds apart, who are really raised to hate each other. Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion and love each other and turn into this beautiful shade of purple. We wanted to represent both sides as accurately as possible. What I think I’ve learned to do as an artist is separate myself from all of that and just listen to what the world is feeling and reacting to with the film. That has been so beautifully overwhelming and so many people have felt seen or are comforted by this movie. That’s all we could want filmmakers and as artists.”

Sofia Carson as Cassie and Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in "Purple Hearts."
Sofia Carson as Cassie and Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in “Purple Hearts.”Mark Fellman/Netflix / Mark Fellman/Netflix

On the other hand, the film has been praised for positively portraying what it’s like to live with Type 1 Diabetes, something Rosenbaum and Carson worked on with Laura Pavlakovich, the founder of the nonprofit You’re Just My Type, and Dr. Michael Metzger, who was a medical consultant on set.

Additionally, with such a small budget, they couldn’t afford the insulin pump so they brought in a Medtronic consultant, who ended up being the one in the scene administering the pump for the first time.

“We all felt so emotional when she finally got the pump because it makes it makes your life different,” Rosenbaum says. “We both felt like it was a massive part of the story and and a cool responsibility to be able to shed some light on it. But every time we talk ahead of time to anyone who has Type 1 Diabetes, they were just so grateful because usually it’s like, been a weakness for a character in movies, and oftentimes, they’ll die from it. If you look at ‘Steel Magnolias,’ and those are beautiful stories too, but it was great to have to watch someone strong and try to overcome that.”

Carson noted that Rosenbaum “set the tone” on the movie to make sure it was led with honesty. “The more that we learned about diabetes, the more that we wanted to really represent what it means to be a Type 1 Diabetic in 2022 in the United States, as accurately and as vulnerably as possible,” she says. “Working with Laura, meeting with doctors and doing my research about what they face every single day to literally survive — to sacrifice everything they have to get the insulin they need to wake up the next day — is devastatingly unfair.”

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Halle Berry’s Boyfriend Van Hunt Celebrates Her Birthday With Sweet Message: ‘Love You With Everything I Got’



Halle Berry is feeling the love from her man, Van Hunt, on her birthday! On Sunday, the musician took to Instagram to celebrate the actress on her 56th birthday.  

“hi, baby. it’s ur bday, and against ur wishes i am screaming it to the mountaintops and celebrating with the world the wonderful, loving, funny, and life-giving force you are,” the “Seconds of Pleasure” singer wrote. 

 “(H)appy (B)irthday, boo. i love you with everything i got. @halleberry.” Next to the sweet message was a series of pictures of the birthday girl, playing with filters and posing for the camera. Berry didn’t comment on the post. However, the John Wick actress did like her man’s post.  

Hunt, 52, and Berry aren’t shy when it comes to celebrating their love. The pair, who marked their 2-year-anniversary in April, often celebrate each other on social media.  

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by van hunt (@vanhunt)

In June, Berry celebrated her man on Father’s Day. “Here’s to flyest dad I know! Happy Father’s Day VanO and to all the other hard working, loving, fly dads out there ❤️,” she wrote next to a picture of her and the “Dust” singer walking hand in hand with drinks.  

A month prior, Berry gave the musician a shout out following an article that celebrated his music. “that moment when you stumble upon an article that reminds you that you’re in love with a musical genius! 🌪 @vanhunt The Fun Rises, the Fun Sets,” she captioned the intimate picture.  

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Halle Berry (@halleberry)

In March, Berry celebrated her man’s birthday in a special outfit. “HERE’S TO MY ONE AND ONLY! Happy Birthday VanO,” her message read next to a picture of her rocking nothing but a T-shirt with Hunt’s name on it.  

“It’s no wonder your birthday and International Women’s Day are one and the same. There is no one I know who believes in, supports and uplifts women more than you. May this year bring back to you all the love and joy you give! I Love you ❤️ @vanhunt.” 

In 2021, the Bruised actress spoke to ET about how happy she is to have the fans support her, now that “the right one finally showed up.  

“That makes me feel good too,” she said. “I feel like a lot of the public has gone on this journey with me, whether I like it or not, and my stuff has been out in the world,” she said. “So it’s nice now to be in this place and I think maybe people are celebrating that for me.” 



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Maddie Ziegler Got Real About “Dance Moms” And Said The Show Set Her Up For “Failure”



Maddie Ziegler’s made a solid career for herself over the years, but you first met her on Dance Moms, which she appeared on for six seasons starting in 2011.

Obviously, reality TV isn’t always as “real” as it’s made out to be, so it’s possible you watched Maddie on the show and have some potentially incorrect assumptions about who she is and how she behaves.

View this video on YouTube

Lifetime / Via

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan, Maddie opened up about her experience on Dance Moms, as well as how her behavior was seemingly dictated by the show’s producers.

Maddie explained that, although she might have appeared to act entitled on the show, ultimately, the producers encouraged her to behave in a certain way.

“People thought I was a brat because in all my interviews I would say, ‘I’m the best. I know I’m going to win,'” she told the publication.

“But that’s because the producer was telling me to say that,” she admitted.

Maddie continued to explain that how she acted on the show was not how she was in real life — and that she felt like the show engineered a situation where she would be misrepresented on TV.

“I don’t think I’m better than everyone else,” she said. “I was just doing whatever they told me to do because I thought that’s what you did.”

“They set you up for failure.”

Read the entire interview with Maddie here.

Read the full article here

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