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Lisa Kudrow says ‘Friends’ cast are the funniest people she knows — aside from her dad



Lisa Kudrow has a talent for making people laugh.

In 1994, she rose to fame playing the hilarious Phoebe Buffay on “Friends,” and from there, she went on to act in more comedic roles such as Michele in “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” and Valerie Cherish in “The Comeback.”

Lisa Kudrow on TODAY.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

With a Primetime Emmy sitting at home, Kudrow tells TODAY that it was her father, Lee N. Kudrow, who initially got her interested in comedy and carved her sense of humor.

“I thought my dad was really funny and my brother and sister were really funny. I’m the youngest so I was, like, the least apt of all of them at it,” she said. “But, it started there. I thought, well, we’re not good-looking people, but we’re funny.”

Kudrow says her father was the “funniest person” that she knew growing up and he still makes her laugh today.

She recalled a time when they took a trip to Europe and he started complaining about the electricity there.

The "Friends" cast, seen in 1995, are still some of the funniest people Lisa Kudrow knows.
The “Friends” cast, seen in 1995, are still some of the funniest people Lisa Kudrow knows.Alamy

“He was just so angry. He was like, ‘Jesus, they don’t have a light bulb in this whole continent that’s brighter than 40 watts. Goddamn it, what’s happening here?'” Kudrow said with a laugh.

Kudrow noted that she genuinely finds it funny when someone is “utterly surprised” by something and they can’t even clock what’s happening around them.

That’s why she loves Tina Fey’s humor and the “Friends” cast’s.

“Honestly, they made me laugh so hard every day,” Kudrow said of her former co-stars.

Lisa Kudrow talks with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on "TODAY With Hoda & Jenna."
Lisa Kudrow talks with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager on “TODAY With Hoda & Jenna.”Nathan Congleton / TODAY

From 1994 to 2004, Kudrow starred on the hit NBC sitcom with Matthew Perry (Chandler), David Schwimmer (Ross), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) and Courteney Cox (Monica).

Out of all the members of the main cast, Kudrow had to audition for her place in the show and she didn’t realize it until much later.

Kudrow’s son, Julian, 24, ended up watching “Friends” when he was in grade school, and after he saw the series, he told his mom that he liked the male leads the best and he didn’t think that she was the funniest person in the show.

On “Late Night with Seth Meyers, Kudrow said that Julian’s comment was completely uncalled for.

“Never in my life have I wanted to tell my own kid, like, f— you,” she joked on Meyers’ show on Wednesday. “I mean, I thought it. I didn’t say it.”

Julian did pay attention to his mom when she reunited with her former co-stars for the “Friends” reunion in 2021.

Once the special aired, Julian had a few sweet words to tell his mom.

“After the reunion, he said, ‘I’m really proud of you. Sorry, if that’s weird like, who am I? But I’m really just proud that you’re a part of this thing,” Kudrow recalled on Wednesday’s episode of TODAY With Hoda & Jenna.

“You raised a great kid,” Hoda Kotb said.

“Yes,” Kudrow replied. “He’s a great kid.”

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Gossip Blogger Tasha K Lost Her Appeal Against Cardi B And Said She’s Now Looking For Part-Time Jobs To Pay Off The $4 Million She Owes



BuzzFeed News has contacted Kebe and Cardi B for comment but did not receive a response before deadline.

The lawsuit, first filed in 2019 by Cardi B, whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar, came in response to several defamatory comments Kebe made online and in her videos for her YouTube channel, UnWineWithTashaK.  

Kebe made spurious claims about the rapper, including that she had performed a sex act with a bottle, had been unfaithful to her husband, rapper Offset, and had contracted herpes.

In her appeal to the initial ruling, Kebe claimed that the jury was presented with “lopsided” evidence. In October, Kebe was ordered by a judge to either pay up or secure a bond while her appeal was being considered. 

Despite initially vowing to fight the ruling “all the way to the supreme court if need be,” the 41-year-old appeared to concede with the latest outcome and uploaded an edited photo of herself dressed in a McDonald’s uniform along with the caption #TashaKGetsAJOB.

“I will let y’all [know] what Part-Time gig I get so I can pay off this damn debt. #iaintgotit but I’m gonna get it,” Kebe wrote. 

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SEC charges Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul and other celebs with crypto violations



The Securities and Exchange Commission has unveiled fraud and unregistered securities charges against crypto founder and Grenadian diplomat Justin Sun, alongside separate violations against the celebrity backers of his Tronix and BitTorrent crypto assets, which included Jake Paul, Lindsay Lohan and Soulja Boy.

The SEC alleged that Sun engaged in fraud by manipulating the trading activity of the two tokens, creating the appearance of active trading when it did not exist. The unregistered offer and sale charges, on the other hand, are similar to charges the SEC has unveiled against other crypto offerings and exchanges, including Genesis, Gemini and Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs.

“This case demonstrates again the high risk investors face when crypto asset securities are offered and sold without proper disclosure,” said SEC Chair Gary Gensler.

Sun allegedly induced investors to purchase TRX and BTT tokens by “orchestrating a promotional campaign in which he and his celebrity promoters hid the fact that the celebrities were paid for their tweet,” Gensler said in a statement.

The eight celebrities and influencers were:

  • actor Lindsay Lohan
  • social-media personality Jake Paul
  • musician DeAndre Cortez Way, also known as Soulja Boy
  • musician Austin Mahone
  • adult actress Michele Mason, known as Kendra Lust
  • musician Miles Parks McCollum, known as Lil Yachty
  • musician Shaffer Smith, also known as Ne-Yo
  • musician Aliaune Thiam, also known as Akon

All except for Soulja Boy and Mahone agreed to pay a collective $400,000 in disgorgement, interest and penalties to settle the charges. The settlements were not an admittance or denial of guilt.

Those celebrity backers would promote the TRX and BTT tokens on social media and recruited others to Tron-affiliated Telegram and Discord channels.

Tron and his backers’ alleged behavior was part of an “age-old playbook to mislead and harm investors,” SEC enforcement chief Gurbir Grewal said in a statement.

“At the same time, Sun paid celebrities with millions of social media followers to tout the unregistered offerings, while specifically directing that they not disclose their compensation. This is the very conduct that the federal securities laws were designed to protect against regardless of the labels Sun and others used,” Grewal said.

A spokesperson for Lohan told NBC News on March 22 that the actor was “unaware of the disclosure requirement” until she was contacted by officials.

“She agreed to pay a fine to resolve the matter,” the spokesperson said.

Sun’s representative at Tron did not immediately return a request for comment. Jake Paul’s representatives declined to comment.

This story first appeared on

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Delilah Belle Recalls Having Seizure on Set of Music Video, Shares Advice From Mom Lisa Rinna (Exclusive)



Delilah Belle had a scary moment while filming her new music video. ET’s Denny Directo spoke with the 24-year-old about her debut single, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” and she revealed how filming the music video for the track didn’t exactly go as expected.

“On the second day of filming the music video, it was, like, nine hours into the day and I suffered from seizures… We don’t really know too much about them yet. Even though it’s been years, we’re still trying to figure it out,” she said. “I ended up having a seizure on-set.” 

While Delilah admitted that the incident “was scary painful,” she said it actually turned out to be “a beautiful thing.”

“It was probably one of the worst I’ve had in a while, but I had everyone I loved around me,” she explained. “… I was able to bring the emotion of that into filming the next day.”

Now that the song and video are out in the world, Delilah said she feels “proud of myself” for continuing to work after the health scare.

“At the same time, I’m like, I do this all the time. It’s so normal for me now. That I’m just like, ‘OK, get up.’ When you don’t feel good, but you gotta do the day,” she said, before sharing how that way of thinking is thanks in large part to her mom, Lisa Rinna.

“Lisa’s always taught me [that] if you are, like dying, if you are vomiting, if you are throwing up, do the day. Go and do it. Show up for work,” she said. “So I try. I always try my best. There are some days when I really can’t, but I try my best.”

Lisa, along with Delilah’s dad, Harry Hamlin, have been there through all the ups and downs.

“They were actually part of the whole journey. Right when we recorded this song, I sent them the demo and then we recorded vocals again, sent them that, sent them everything. They’ve just been my biggest supporters,” Delilah said. “Right when I got the final master, I was like, ‘Guys, we’re going in the car. [We’ve] gotta listen to it.’ We sat in my car, played it, and it was something special.”

Delilah definitely put in the work for her debut single, which she said “means a lot to me, because it really embodies everything I’ve been going through the for the past couple of years.”

“I’ve been going through it pretty silently and privately, [save] the occasional Instagram post or story talking about my mental and physical health struggles. The song really just embodies what I’ve been going through,” she said. “… I feel like opening up to the fans on social media, I’m able to go into more detail about what’s going on. And then in writing music, I find it’s so poetic. I find it so much more like a story that I’m telling. I don’t want to be too blunt. I would rather have it be open to interpretation, so that everyone hopefully can relate in their own way.”

As for what she wants fans to take away from the song, which Delilah admitted is “nerve-wracking” to release, she said all her hopes lie in the title of the track.

“It’s a deep one, I hope that people take away, literally, nothing lasts forever. Even the good… I never really had enough gratitude for my body and my health. I think we just need to have more gratitude and I hope people can take away the fact that, like, even the good times don’t last forever. You could get sick like this, you could lose something like this. So that’s definitely a point,” she said. “And then also, the bad times don’t last forever. My mom always taught me growing up [that] this too shall pass.”

“Nothing Lasts Forever” is out now.


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