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What beach read to pick up this summer, based on your zodiac sign



Can the stars guide your next great read? When it comes to beach reading, there are endless options — and maybe the zodiac can help narrow them down. We sifted through some of 2022’s best summer books (including a few Read With Jenna picks) to find one that aligned with each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

For Aries, we found a protagonist that is as bold and undeterred as the sign’s description. Sensual Tauruses may enjoy luxuriating in a love story. And Cancers, fiercely loyal, will be drawn into a family saga.

Of course, you’re welcome to read all the books listed. Much like literary taste, our natal charts are complicated, and have way more going on than just sun signs. For extra credit, look at the picks for your moon and rising sign, too.


“Tracy Flick Can’t Win” by Tom Perrotta

Your favorite anti-hero from the ’90s is back at it — this time around she’s reevaluating her past and trying to become a better person. That’s right, Tracy Flick from “Election” returns in the sequel “Tracy Flick Can’t Win” to make some serious life changes. Like you, she’s seeing that her need to win cost her many things in life, which is why she wants a do-over. Sound familiar, Aries?

Bonus Pick: Check out the OG version of the novel “Election” by Tom Perrotta to refresh your memory of the overachiever who wanted it all and lost. This book will teach you to be realistic and compassionate to others. And maybe, to cool your impulsive temper.


“Before We Were Wicked” by Eric Jerome Dickey

Let’s just say that the temperature outside isn’t the only thing reaching record heights this summer. As one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, you’ll appreciate this seductive novel. It will prove your theory that a chance meeting and star-crossed encounter can be so much more.

Bonus Pick: “Every Summer After” by Carley Fortune is a novel about how some feelings simply don’t fade, no matter how much time has passed. Taurus, you’re stubborn and you hold on to your hunches, as does the central couple in this aching novel. The years go by and they just can’t shake one another. Read an excerpt at TODAY.


“The Hotel Nantucket” by Elin Hilderbrand

Real talk: You like hearing the latest gossip … or, when all else fails, reading about it. This book will allow you dive deep into the character’s pasts and learn the tea (heartbreak, drama and much more) that surrounds them. What else could a Gemini want? After all, your planetary ruler is Mercury and reading a book that you can talk about with your pals at the beach (like this one) makes it the perfect pick for you this summer.

Bonus Pick: “Reunion Beach: Stories Inspired by Dorothea Benton Frank” by Elin Hilderbrand, Adriana Trigiani, Patti Callahan Henry, Cassandra King, Nathalie Dupree and more is an anthology of tales inspired by Frank’s oeuvre. You’ll find each one enticing and fitting for your beachy vibe.


“Kaleidoscope” by Cecily Wong

You value your family and loved ones — even if you have a complicated relationship with them like this novel’s protagonist, Riley. “Kaleidoscope” is devastating, yes, but it gets at the ties that bind us to each other, as well as the complex dynamics between siblings and their parents. Also, the innate desire for freedom that the youngest daughter, Riley, has to break away from her family empire to create something unique that belongs only to her.

Bonus Pick: The Read With Jenna pick “These Impossible Things” is about three Muslim British women their 20s who grapple with the pressure to remain in the fold and please their families, and the desire to live according to their inner voices. Or, check out “One Italian Summer” by Rebecca Serle makes for a tear-jerker about the relationship between a mother and daughter.


“Park Avenue Summer” by Renée Rosen

Set in 1965, Alice Weiss moves from her small Midwestern town to New York City to pursue her dreams as a professional photographer. Leos will relate to the book’s message of the need to fully embrace your hopes and aspirations in life. Like Alice, you have the motivation to pursue your goals and won’t let fear stand in your way.

Bonus Pick: “Where the Grass Is Green and the Girls Are Pretty by Lauren Weisberger” is a humorous story that takes place in New York City and centers around two fashion-forward sisters who are bent on attaining fame and glory at any cost.


“The Club” by Ellery Lloyd

Ruled by the communication planet Mercury, Virgos loves a story about stories. “The Club” is as good as thumbing through a magazine and reading about the latest in celebrity news, and this book takes you inside a private club where A-listers mingle and get up to no good.

Bonus Pick: “Cover Story” by Susan Rigetti is all about the details — something a Virgo can appreciate. Set in the world of magazine journalism, the novel is about an up-and-coming journalist who is intrigued by a colleague’s tale of her own riches. Intrigued enough that she drops out of college to ghostwrite her autobiography. But is she who she says she is?


“Honey and Spice” by Bolu Babalola

It’s easy to fall in love with a rom-com — but you, Libra, are especially susceptible to a love story because you’re a romantic at heart. The more twists and obstacles, the better. When two college-age rivals enter a fake relationship in Bolu Babalola’s debut novel, they find themselves falling for each other. Get a copy of “Honey and Spice” to sweeten up your summer.

Bonus Pick: On Rotation” by Shirlene Obuobi is book about a medical student’s woes and successes in love, life, and everything in between. Think “Grey’s Anatomy” but with an extra kick.


“Miss Aldridge Regrets” by Louise Hare

Natural born detective that you are, Scorpio, you’ll admire this novel’s plotting. Set in 1936 London, Lena Aldridge gets the theatrical break of a lifetime — only to have her dreams of stardom and fame in America to be squashed by a murderous plot to frame her, even though she’s innocent. Or is she? Your penetrating and investigative mind will have to solve the crime.

Bonus Pick: “When No One Is Watching” by Alyssa Cole is a gripping mystery novel that will both thrill you and get you thinking about social issues like gentrification.


“The Man Who Could Move Clouds” by Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Sagittarius, you’re thirsty for knowledge, which is what makes enlightening nonfiction books like “The Man Who Could Move Clouds” aligned with your values. The memoir, which blends magical realism and a true story, centers around a family’s history and experience with colonialism in Colombia. The poetic prose will entrance you; the content will open your eyes to injustices and harsh realities of the world.

Bonus Pick: Not in the mood for nonfiction? Try a novel about the truth coming to light. “The Most Fun We Ever Had” by Claire Lombardo centers on a family who have a long history of keeping secrets from each other.


“This Time Tomorrow” by Emma Straub

According to the mythology of behind your zodiac sign’s constellation, you’re a reflective, time traveling sea-goat. You may relish in reading the tale about a young woman who travels back to her teen years, a time when her now-ailing father had his signature verve. This book will make you think about your past, present and future — and hopefully, you’re happy where you landed.

Bonus Pick: In “The Verifiers” by Jane Pek, a woman gets a job at a tech company in which she fact-checks people’s dating profiles. Meanwhile, Claudia has to keep secrets from her own family about her love life. “The Verifiers” is interested in career ambition and how major corporations interfere with individuals’ lives — all topics that may interest a Capricorn.


“Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus

In the 1960s, chemist and single mother Elizabeth Zott marches to the beat of her own drum, defying cultural norms and becoming successful in doing so. This book will appeal to your scientific and humanitarian mind, as well as your funny bone.

Bonus Pick: “Meredith, Alone” by Claire Alexander centers around a recluse who refuses to deal with the world — that is, until the world forces her to get out of her comfort zone. You’ll find yourself rooting for Meredith from start to finish, and will cherish her independent streak even as she gains a community.


“Cult Classic” by Sloane Crosley

Pisces, you’re prone to checking in with exes (or, at least, do a little social media lurking). Imagine if you were to bump into all your exes — one after the other — while at a magical dinner with work colleagues. Oh, the drama! But, maybe it’s good drama? The main character in “Cult Classic” has to decide for herself when this exact scenario befalls her.

Bonus Pick: Ashley Poston’s “The Dead Romantics” centers around a millennial ghostwriter who hides from her own set of ghosts. This book will encourage you to embrace your past and find solace in all of the life decisions that you’ve made.

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‘Young and the Restless’ Star Tracey E. Bregman Given Replacement Emmy After Hers Was Lost in a Wildfire



Tracey E. Bregman has her Emmy Award back! On a recent episode of The Talk, the 59-year-old The Young and the Restless star was surprised with a replacement Emmy after hers was destroyed during the Woolsey fire in 2018.

Bregman won the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series back in 1985, for her role of Lauren Fenmore on the CBS soap opera. Bregman’s onscreen husband, Christian LeBlanc, surprised her on the talk show when he walked out carrying a black box.

“Are you kidding?” Bregman questioned, as LeBlanc made his way over to her. “Oh my gosh!”

“I would like to present this, an Emmy for Outstanding Ingenue of a Daytime Drama Series, but this time, it’s from the people that love and respect you and cherish you, your CBS, your Young and the Restless family,” he told her. “I am so honored to be able to give you this.”

Bregman seemed stunned by the gesture, stating, “Oh my gosh. I can’t thank you enough. Oh my God. I’m so overwhelmed.”

Afterward, in a statement to Deadline, Bregman thanked the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for making the special moment possible.

“It has been one of the most extraordinary and heartfelt experiences of my career,” she said of receiving a replacement statuette. “I tried not to go into the ugly cry on the air. Thanks to my Young and Restless family, NATAS, The Talk and everyone who made this moment happen. My heart is so full.”

Adam Sharp, the President and CEO of NATAS, was thrilled to facilitate the happy moment.

“We were devastated to learn of the destruction of Tracey’s home, and with it, her well-earned Emmy Award,” he told the outlet. “As our judges acknowledged, the Emmy statuette is a symbol of her hard work and outstanding dedication to her craft. We are happy it’s back home where it belongs.”


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Alexander Skarsgård Explained Why The Orgy Scenes In “Infinity Pool” Were “Very Fun” To Film



Infinity Pool: Alexander Skarsgard On Toe Sucking Orgy Scenes

I recently spoke to the beloved actor about his latest R-rated horror movie, which is getting major buzz due to its gore and graphic sex scenes.

ICYMI: Infinity Pool is a sci-fi horror film about a couple (played by Skarsgård and Cleopatra Coleman) who find themselves involved in an underground human cloning operation following an accidental tragedy while on vacation.

Reflecting on the “orgy sequences” in the film, Alex revealed those scenes were “very technical” to shoot. “It’s not quite the same experience watching it as it was shooting it,” he said.

“We talked about it with [director Brandon Cronenberg] and Karim Hussain, who is the cinematographer, about how it was going to be shot, what was going to be the vibe of the scene, and how Brandon envisioned that sequence to show. Once we got into it, it doesn’t sound very fun because it’s like, ‘Oh, just another day at the office.'”

“I love that sequence and the way it ties in the music,” he continued. “It’s so evocative…but it was incredibly technical shooting it because Brandon and Karim work a lot with different lights and different effects that they want to do in-camera.”

Although there was an intimacy coordinator on set, Alex recalled filming being “very fun and very playful.” “[It was] quite endearing to watch Karim and Brandon behind the camera like two little boys playing with Lego, to be so excited about all their gadgets that they were trying out.”

The True Blood actor, who has appeared nude in multiple roles throughout his career and previously said “the crazier [the sex scenes], the better,” agrees that Infinity Pool features the wildest sex scenes he’s ever been a part of — on camera.

“Yeah, I think so,” he said before pausing. “The fact I even have to think about that. … [Laughs] I don’t think I’ve had my toes sucked by another man before, on screen.”

“That wasn’t the craziest thing we did in the movie,” he clarified. “But yeah, it’s some pretty graphic stuff, to say the least. Yeah.”

Welp, there you have it, folks. Check out our full interview with Alex and Mia Goth here. Also, be sure to catch Infinity Pool in theaters now!

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Priscilla Presley challenges Lisa Marie trust amendment that names Riley Keough co-trustee



Priscilla Presley is asking a judge to declare that a “purported” 2016 amendment to her late daughter’s trust naming Riley Keough as a co-trustee is invalid, according to legal documents obtained by NBC News.

The documents, filed on Jan. 26 in Los Angeles Superior Court, seek confirmation that Priscilla Presley will maintain control of Lisa Marie Presley’s trust in the wake of her death on Jan. 12 at age 54 after experiencing cardiac arrest.

Lisa Marie Presley, the sole heir to her father Elvis Presley, executed a living trust in 1993, a legal mechanism for protecting one’s assets and determining how they will be distributed after they die, according to the American Bar Association. According to the court filing, the trust was “completely restated” on Jan. 27, 2010, and appointed Priscilla Presley and her former business manager, Barry Siegel, as co-trustees.

But after the death of her daughter, Priscilla Presley found a document dated March 11, 2016, “pertaining to be an amendment” to the trust, according to the court document. The “purported” amendment removed both Lisa Marie Presley’s mother and manager as successor co-trustees and replaced them with her daughter Riley Keough and her son, Benjamin Keough.

Benjamin Keough died in 2020 at age 27, leaving Riley Keough, 33, as the only trustee of her mother’s trust, according to the amendment.

In 2018, Lisa Marie Presley had sued her former manager Siegel accusing him of mismanaging her finances, according to Reuters. By 2016, the trust was left with more than $500,000 in credit card debt and $14,000 in cash, per Lisa Marie Presley’s lawsuit. Siegel filed his own suit accusing her of squandering her inheritance.

According to the January filing, “there are many issues surrounding the authenticity and validity of the purported 2016 amendment.” The alleged issues include that the amendment misspells Priscilla Presley’s name, the amendment was never delivered to Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley’s signature on the amendment “appears inconsistent with her usual and customary signature,” the court document states.

Priscilla Presley’s filing seeks for the 2016 amendment to be declared invalid, meaning she would remains a trustee over her granddaughter.

Priscilla Presley reads a poem written by one of her granddaughter during a memorial service for Lisa Marie Presley at Graceland Sunday, Jan. 22, 2023.John Amis / AP

Lisa Marie Presley’s death was honored on Jan. 22 in a public memorial service on the front lawn of Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley.

A spokesman for the Memphis, Tennessee, estate previously confirmed to TODAY that Lisa Marie Presley’s three surviving children, Riley Keough and twins Harper and Finley Lockwood, would inherit Graceland.

At the service, Priscilla Presley shared a tribute from one of her granddaughters that said, “mama was my icon, my role model, my superhero, in much more ways than one.”

Riley Keough’s husband, Ben Smith-Petersen, shared a letter that she wrote, thanking her mom for being “the best mother for me.”

Lisa Marie Presley was laid to rest in the Meditation Garden at Graceland next to her son.

On Jan. 27, Priscilla Presley thanked fans on Twitter for their love and support in her grief.

“Every parent who has lost a daughter or son knows what a dark painstaking journey it is,” she wrote.

Read the full article here

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