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Julianne Goldmark Drops Her Skin-Care Routine



Ahead, Julianne Goldmark shares her favorite products for Glamour‘s Drop the Routine. 

My cleanser

My cleanser is Avènes Gentle Face Wash. I love it because it’s scent-free. It’s superlight. It’s clean and gets everything off your face, but it doesn’t strip your skin. That’s my day-to-day, morning, and night face wash. If I’m taking my makeup off, though, I love the Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Bomb. I do that before the face wash.

My serum

The only serum I use is Biba Serum. I usually use it with my face still wet so that I use a little bit less and it still keeps my face moisturized. My dermatologist always tells me not to wipe my face off after I’m done washing it all the way. It helps the products absorb better. I always put the tiniest bit on my face while it’s still wet.

My moisturizer

I’ve been using a CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion or the Avène Soothing Tolerance Cream. That’s if I’m feeling a little bit drier, but those are really the only ones that don’t irritate my skin or break me out. The Avène one works really well under makeup. I would say the CeraVe Oil Free Lightweight Moisturizer I use more at nighttime, but I love the Avène one for under makeup.

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My eye cream

I use Summer Fridays for my eyes. It’s not too thick, but it’s not too lightweight, which is really nice. It’s the perfect everyday eye cream.

My face mask

I don’t use face masks. That falls under “I bought so many and they didn’t do anything for me.” The only one I do occasionally is the Caudalie Clay Mask. And that’s if I’m really feeling my skin is clogged, but for the most part they just don’t do well with my skin.

My spot treatment

I use Bibas The Zinc Mask. It’s meant to be a mask, but I just take a little Q-tip and use it as a spot treatment. It’s magic. It literally will go away overnight.

My retinol

I don’t use any retinols. The only thing close to retinol that I’ve used is A313; it’s a French pharmacy retinol, which I really actually loved, but it also ended up being harsh for my skin.

My face mist

I use the Avene Thermal Spring Water because it’s just water. It really is nice to set my makeup and also give it added hydration without any scents or anything like that.

My sunscreen

If I’m not wearing makeup, I use EltaMD, the one for acne-prone skin. I also use the Ilia Skin Tint with SPF. It’s the only SPF foundation that doesn’t break me out. It gives the most amazing glow. Every time I wear it, people ask me what I have on my skin. The Ilia skin tint is my number one. It’s definitely on the dewier side. Sometimes I’ll do that and then use the tiniest bit of powder on my T-zone.

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My lip balm

I’m in love with the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment. I’m so picky when it comes to lip balms; anything that’s sticky or too thick, I hate the texture on my lips. I have the salted caramel one. I’ve been using it for the last two weeks and definitely see a difference. It’s the only one that I’ve tried in a long time that I really love. Sometimes I use the Laneige Lip Mask treatment. 

My skin-care devices

I use LightStim if I have any breakouts and then I use NuFace. I got NuFace for Christmas and didn’t use it, but I just started using it in the last couple of weeks and am obsessed. It honestly really works. You have to just be consistent with it, which is annoying. But if you do it before bed or while you’re watching TV, it’s easier.

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My body care

I love First Aid Beauty’s body moisturizer and their body scrub. It’s amazing. That’s another brand that’s super underrated and I feel everything they make is clean and simple. I also love anything from Farmacy right now. All of their products have been agreeing with my skin. They also make a really amazing honey-centered body butter or body lotion. It’s the best thing ever.

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Ariana Yaptangco is the senior beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @arianayap. 

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Kate Beckinsale Put a ‘Frozen’ Twist on the Sheer-Dress Trend



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Is anyone else getting major Elsa vibes? Silver metallic platform heels, diamonds on her fingers and earlobes, mature makeup. To be honest, the forest green manicure threw me at first, until I noticed that they pick up on the fabulous emerald and diamond collar around her neck.


Do you have “Let It Go” stuck in your head again? Sorry.

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The Inaugural Fashion Trust U.S. Awards Ceremony Seen Through the Eyes of Founder Tania Fares



Back in 2011, Tania Fares founded her non-profit organization, Fashion Trust, as part of the British Fashion Council, with the aim to support up-and-coming design talents in the U.K. “I had my own label with Lulu Kennedy, called LuLu & Co., so I know how challenging it is to launch a brand,” Fares tells Vogue. “I wanted to give back, having gone through it myself.” She continued this spirit last year, when Fares expanded the organization with Fashion Trust U.S.—an arm of her non-profit specifically aimed at celebrating and supporting emerging American designers. “[It has a focus on] financial and mentoring to young designers, as well as building a community for them,” says Fares.

 Last night, the inaugural Fashion Trust U.S. awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles, and Fares documented the special kick-off event for Vogue. The eventful day began with Fashion Trust U.S. board members and finalists meeting each other. The board—which includes Proenza Schouler designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, actor Kate Hudson, and stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson—finalized who would be winning the night’s respective categories. Then, come evening time, it was time for the trophies to be handed out to six rising talents, including designers Aisling Camps and Jacques Agbobly. “It’s so important to help highlight and uplift young designers, because there is so much talent out there,” says Fares.

 For the affair, Fares naturally needed a strong look. She wore a custom latex bodysuit underneath a Proenza Schouler dress, mixed in with pieces from Handsome Stockholm, Tyler Ellis, and vintage Tom Ford. “I usually never wear black, but for some reason felt compelled this evening,” says Fares. “I also fell in love with the whole velvet and vintage combined. I’m a big fan of Proenza Schouler; I loved how simple but how chic the dress was.” 

The founder’s favorite part of the evening wasn’t playing dress up, however. It was “the speeches from the designers and their reactions as they won,” Fares says. “Also, getting to chat with them about their collections and overall, being inspired by them.” She looks forward to keeping that momentum at the many more Fashion Trust U.S. ceremonies to come. “Growing the initiative and being able to support more designers, which is my true passion,” says Fares.

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As the Perm Returns, Nicole Kidman Revives Her Signature Strawberry Curls



It was just a couple of weeks ago that Nicola Kidman was giving full PDA on the Oscars red carpet with her husband Keith Urban. Decked out in black sequins, the 55-year-old actor looked sultry and radiant, her hair longer and blonder than we’ve seen it for a while. Styled with a slight wave through the mid-lengths and ends, Nicole’s hair looked effortless—she was every inch the beachy blonde bombshell. 

Photo: Nicole Kidman/@nicolekidman

But, if a trio of photographs she posted to Instagram on Tuesday is anything to go by, Kidman has returned to her roots. The star’s signature bouncy red curls are back in the pictures, in which she looks happy and confident in an aqua dress. 

Has Kidman taken note of the uptick in other celebrities embracing curls? The return of the perm is upon us, with everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Bella Hadid experimenting with tight corkscrew curls (mostly with the help of thin-barrelled curling tongs, as opposed to the chemical ’80s approach) recently. 

Already in possession of naturally tight curls—and as someone who wore them loud and proud in the ’80s, when the perm was all the rage the first time around—Kidman has a head start on the hair trend that’s set to explode over summer.

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