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Save an Extra 30% on Kate Spade Bags, Jewelry, and Clothing Before the Summer Sale Ends Today



Kate Spade is hosting a huge Summer Sale right now with deals on best-selling styles, including new totes, backpacks, sandals, jewelry and more. From new bags and accessories to clothing and even sleepwear, bask in the summer savings of this designer sale to refresh your wardrobe for seasons to come. 

Today only, shoppers can get an extra 30% off nearly every Kate Spade item on the site. Simply use the code FRESH at checkout to unlock the savings before 11:59pm PT on Sunday, July 24. With prices this low, the best designer bags and shoes will undoubtedly be limited in stock, so we recommend snagging your favorite tote, backpack and purse fast. 

Get 30% off Kate Spade

So many perfect-for-summer handbags are marked down at the Kate Spade Sale like the Softwhere Mini Tote which turns the designer’s popular quilted leather tote into a portable mini size. Since we are avid Kate Spade lovers over here, we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite styles and deals from the sale below. 

This 3-D peach Kate Spade crossbody gives a whole new meaning to summer fashion.


Pack this resort-ready dress for your next vacation.


This vibrant straw tote with smooth leather trim is the perfect bag to bring to the beach.


Everyone needs a cute sandal you can slip right into this summer.


This Kate Spade medium shoulder bag can hold everything you need during a busy day out.


This trendy straw mini satchel with a detachable crossbody strap will quickly become your go-to evening bag this summer.


Look pretty in pink when you wear these rose-colored earrings with any outfit. 


Kate Spade All Day Large Tote

Kate Spade

The All Day Tote bag can hold everything and anything you would need for the day, and the metal clasp gives you easy access to everything in the handbag. It can even fit a 13-inch laptop or a medium-sized tablet. 


Is your wallet looking worse for wear? Upgrade it with this compact metallic dot design. 


Revel in rose patterns and dainty spring tones with Kate Spade’s beloved, dome crossbody bag — now available in a fun, seasonal refresh.




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Muslim Women Share How Their Beauty Routines Change During Ramadan



Ramadan, a holy month celebrated by millions of Muslims worldwide, is upon us this week. It marks the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar, lasting about 29 or 30 days and ending when the new moon is sighted. The month is marked by fasting, donating to charity, increased prayer, worship, and self-reflection.

Most of all, it’s a month to take a step back from everyday life and focus on faith. Each day we eat before sunrise and won’t eat or drink again until sunset. Muslims fast in order to strengthen their discipline and reflect on those less fortunate, who don’t have access to food and clean water. This is why charity is so vital to the month—it’s about cultivating a deeper understanding of the sufferings of others and practicing thankfulness for what we have.

For me, Ramadan is a time to detach from my everyday life and look inward at my spiritual health. It’s an annual fresh start, when I can try to incorporate new habits into my routine that I want to take forward into the rest of the year, such as praying more, visiting the mosque, and eating a healthy diet. 

Ramadan is also a time of community and family—spending time with loved ones is a key part of the month. Whether it’s the cereal eaten with our eyes half-closed at 4 a.m. or the dinner cooked together that we’ve waited 14 hours to eat, Ramadan strengthens relationships with the other Muslims in our lives.

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Kendall Jenner Finds an Extremely Chic Sweater Dress for Spring



Kendall Jenner has been on a winning fashion streak in Paris. Earlier this week, the model channeled Audrey Hepburn in an all-black outfit from The Row (the look was even complete with an Old Hollywood headscarf). This weekend, she continued her streak of sophisticated minimalism, this time stepping out in the streets wearing a muted, all-gray ensemble. Jenner found an incredibly chic sweater dress in the process, proving that a cozy spring knit can still be sexy.

Opting for a piece by Ann Demeulemeester, Jenner slipped into the label’s long-sleeved wool sweater dress, which had a draped neckline and an asymmetrical leg slit. The dash of skin gave the comfy piece a more fashion-forward feel, and put focus on her sleek below-the-knee pointy boots by The Row. She also accessorized with a giant leather tote and tiny rectangular shades, one of her go-to finishing touches.

Slinky turtleneck dresses have been trending on stars like Kaia Gerber and Zoe Kravitz, but leave it to Jenner to give the sweater dress a more alluring feel. She could simply swap her boots for strappy stilettos, and she’d instantly be ready for a night out on the town. And who doesn’t want to party in a garment that essentially feels like pajamas? 

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Brow Lamination: Can You Get Thicker and Fuller Arches in 30 Minutes Flat?



I was born with the eyebrows I came to covet: bushy, thick, bordering on uni territory. They were perhaps the only perk of being naturally hairy; coated in a layer of dark fuzz I waxed and shaved or bleached elsewhere. In my mid-to-late-’90s teenhood, however, this Brooke Shields–esque genetic blessing was out of time. Skinny, manic pixie dream girl brows were the phattest then, as seen on Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani in her seminal No Doubt years. 

“They look like caterpillars,” my then-best friend, who was six months and one grade older, condemned my brows at one of our many sleepovers, branding the longest hairs closest to the bridge of my nose “antennae.” Then she proceeded to hold me down—with my limp consent—and tweeze them within an inch of themselves.

 Mine is an all-too-common cosmetic sob story for many elder millennials and Gen X’ers—Chrissy Teigen has aired her own similar saga. We sacrificed our natural brows circa the Clinton administration, and by the time the wispy trend went the way of the Rachel cut it was too late. Those precious, fluffy caterpillars never, ever grew back.

 Growing out your brows can be as awkward as growing out your bangs. Nevertheless, I persisted in trying everything to reawaken my deadened follicles: popular growth serums, nightly swabs of castor oil, and 99% of the brow gels and powders on the market, all with moderate-to-disappointing results. Until, I am happy to report, now.

During a routine cleanup—a solid decade into my futile brow-growing journey— my esthetician Liz McKay, founder of Bare, A Skincare Experience in Westport, Connecticut, floated a solution: brow lamination, a treatment “similar to a keratin treatment for your brows,” she explained, “using the length of the hair to create a new shape.” As I now understand it, you are essentially faking your way to bigger brows.

The first of two solutions McKay applied—because I was immediately in—was a conditioner that renders typically coarse, rogue brow hair long, flat, and more pliable. She told me that these newly silky strands could then be brushed up and out to create the illusion of fuller brows and styled to cover gaps in growth. Finally, a second serum locks the new brow position in place.

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