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Summersalt and Diane von Furstenberg Just Launched The Perfect Swim Collection for Summer



Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg teamed up with Summersalt to make a splash with a limited-edition swimsuit collection, and this collab is a necessity for your next beach getaway. The runway designer is using her fashion know-how to make your swimwear bolder and more glamorous. In other words: If you love vibrant and printed swimwear, you’ll want to check out the Summersalt x Diane von Furstenberg Collection.

Let’s face it: You never need a reason to upgrade your basic black bikini, but this limited-edition collection gives you an excuse anyway. The entire collection features various printed designs for the whole family (yes, the collab has swimwear for women, kids, toddlers and men). But our personal favorite part of the collection is the nectarine orchard print. Seriously, the yellow and blue colorway is a perfect match for summertime. (Citrus fruit is basically the unofficial mascot of the season anyway.)

Shop the Swimsuit Collection 

High-end swimsuits might not be a term you’ve heard before, but the celeb-loved fashion designer made these Summersalt swimsuits runway-ready. Seriously, bow-shoulder embellishments and Art Nouveau-themed prints make this swimwear collection a work of art. All we have to say is that everyone’s summertime goals should be to stay cool and look it too.

From one-shoulder swimsuits to tons of wrap designs, each swimsuit design has a unique detail that’ll wow everyone at the beach. And if you’re looking for a sign to step out of your swimwear comfort zone, you might want to try The Ruffle Backflip from the collection. Seriously, why don’t more swimsuit designs have ruffles?

Did we mention that the DVF x Summersalt Collection has swimsuit options for taller women too? That’s right: Select styles are available in long torso designs. So, even if you’re taller, you can still celebrate the last several weeks of summer in a stylish floral-printed swimsuit. (Or maybe a palm-themed bikini is more your style.)

The Summersalt x Diane von Furstenberg Collection has 17 different swimsuit designs, including swimwear for the kids. But remember: this is a limited-edition line, and once it sells out it’s gone forever—so you’ll want to snag these must-haves before that happens! 


The highlights of this one-piece are the ruffles, a plunging back and a vibrant printed design. What more could you want from a swimsuit?


An asymmetric design is always the right move for summer, especially when it comes to one-shoulder swimwear.


The high-rise and high-leg combo give you the ideal amount of coverage. And the comfortable design doesn’t ride up while you’re trying to enjoy your day at the beach.


The elastic waistband and inner-mesh lining create a comfortable and function design you can wear all summer long.


The leopard print and black colorway create the illusion of a two-piece swimsuit (even though this is a supportable one-piece suit).


The bow-shoulder, asymmetrical back and Nouveau-inspired print makes this one-piece swimsuit one of a kind. Plus, it comes equipped with sewn-in cups for a little extra support.


Now, you and your little one can match this season. Thanks to the rash guard, your kids won’t have to deal with diaper rash or sand rash when they’re enjoying the sunshine.


It comes complete with an inner-mesh design that keeps a swim diaper in place.


Ruffles make your summer swimwear a bit more festive. 


The perfect wrap bikini top does exist! To be fair, this bikini does feature a faux wrap, but the design is still sinisterly stylish.


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The 13 Best Running Shoes for Men This Summer 2022



Warmer, summer temperatures are underway, which means that the season of outdoor workouts, hiking, bicycling, and yes, even running, is here. It’s an exciting time — the thought of taking our running routines from the treadmill to the local trail or neighborhood path. But it also means that our stock of durable, comfortable running shoes might need a serious update.

There are so many things to consider when shopping for the right pair of running shoes. From the cushioning and heel support to the shoe’s stability, midsole flexibility, and even just the general comfort and style — there is no one best pair for all people. Plus, they may even vary depending on your typical running distance or workout needs. Are you a marathon runner looking for long-distance-friendly styles or are you in need of a more durable trail shoe? Do you prefer a classic athletic shoe or is stability more your style for those high-intensity workouts? 

Regardless if you are a new or experienced runner, there are so many comfortable running shoes on the market right now. We’ve scoured the internet in search of the best running shoes for men, whether you’re looking for fresh road running shoes, a classic trail runner style, or just a comfort-driven athletic pair for summer and beyond. 

Ahead, shop ET’s picks for the best running shoes for men this summer. Plus, check out the best walking shoes for men whenever you feel like slowing things down. 

The Altra Lone Peak is the best running shoe for trail running. The shoe features Balanced Cushioning which supports better form and alignment and MaxTrac outsoles which help with grip and traction on any terrain you may encounter.


If you’re looking for style and comfort, the Hoka Bondi 8 running shoe is what you need. Hoka always has fun colors and now has upgraded heel technology for ultimate shock absorption. 


Not only are Brooks Ghost 14 comfortable road running shoes, they are also good for the environment. The running shoes are Brooks’ first carbon neutral shoe.


These Under Armour running shoes for men are as practical as they are effortlessly stylish — made with a one-piece Flow midsole and plush cushioning.


Embrace the brighter, bolder colors of the season with this Saucony Kinvara men’s running shoe style.


Hoka One running shoes are staple sneakers loved by trail runners and marathon sprinters alike — celebrated for their breathable mesh construction and full-compression midsole.


Lean into the Y2K-inspired trends of today with these checkered (and top-rated) running shoes for men from Saucony Kinvara.


These trusted, daily trainers are a Nike best-seller — and for good reason.


Step into your sportier side with these heavy-duty (yet undeniably cool) road running sneaks from Nike.


These athletic shoes are perfect for road running — and ideal for high-performance workouts thanks to their durable structure.


Step into the sunnier side of summer with these neon yellow kicks from Adidas.


Find your running stride in style with the classically cool Adidas Cardinals Supernova Shoes.


Expand your stock of summer running shoes with this Gel-Cumulus 22 GTX shoe from Asics.



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Hair Filler Is the Secret Behind Most Celebrity Bobs



Between Barbiecore style and skunk stripe hair, it’s clear that the post-lockdown beauty vibe is go big or go home—hence the rise in superlong mermaid hair extensions and a subsequent surge in perfectly blunt bobs. 

The two styles may seem like opposites, but for celebrity stylists, the long-then-short-then-long lifestyle is just another day’s work…of installing hair extensions. “To go from long hair to short and back the next day, celebrities braid their hair, and glue weft extensions onto the braids, leaving just their natural hairline out,” celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena says of the temporary “faux bob.” “It’s not permanent, but it allows them to change their look dramatically, and no one can see the difference.” 

It’s true: Chris Appleton, who styled Kim Kardashian’s 2019 bob and regularly styles J.Lo’s hair, confirmed that he “hides” the braided hair under extensions in his Behind the Chair masterclass. But this technique only works for a few days, Mena adds, comparing the faux bob to gluing on false eyelashes.

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Other celebrities, like Khloe Kardashian and Megan Fox, who like to play with varying lengths for longer periods of time usually opt for clip-ins, tape extensions, keratin bonds, and/or hand-tied extensions, Lilybeth Vargas, hair extensions specialist and master colorist at The Parlor, tells Glamour. She personally recommends clip-ins on an event-by-event basis.

As for why so many celebrities wear hair extensions in the first place? It’s possible their hair is damaged from changing it so much. “Celebrities change their hairstyles for the trends that are in at that moment, which can be a lot on natural hair,”  RPZL lead stylist Stephanie Angelone tells Glamour. “This can cause a damage, thinning, and hair loss, so adding hair extensions, or ‘hair filler,’ will add fullness and help get their hair back its integrity.”

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That Prada Logo Tank Top You’ve Been Eyeing Has Finally Hit Stores



Sure to be the street style It item this upcoming fashion month, that white triangle-plaque logo tank top from Prada’s fall 2022 collection has finally hit stores. The top, a ribbed scoop neck, opened the show (worn by Kaia Gerber) and was styled throughout the collection from beginning to end. We saw it under oversized shearling jackets and on top of many different interpretations of the collection’s lovely three-layer skirts.

Just seeing how many looks were anchored by the tank tells us of the top’s versatility but also its cult-status potential. This top will likely enjoy the white-hot status of the brand’s triangle-plaque bucket hat or smooth leather loafers; this is certainly another one of those wish-list items fashion obsessives are sure to line up for or, in this case, save up for to wear this season and several to come.

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