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‘BMF’ Showrunner Answers Why Meech Baring All Was a ‘Moment for the Culture,’ Teases Season 3



Warning: This story contains major spoilers for “BMF” Season 2, Episode 10, titled “New Beginnings.”

Seduction was the leading theme of “BMF” Season 2, but showrunner Heather Zuhlke and the rest of the creative team are ready to up the ante and take the show “out of this world.”

As the former “50 Boyz” end their season, brothers Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) and Terry Flenory (Da’Vinchi) end the latest chapter with the hopes of expanding their drug business to Atlanta. Now that they have a new Colombian connect and a friend in the club business down South, Meech sets out on the road to Atlanta and Terry is left to defend Detroit.

Fans went on a journey with the Flenory family as temptations continued to pull each member in different directions. Consumed by their desires for forbidden fruit, the Flenory men explored their relationships with other outlets. The family patriarch, Charles (Russel Hornsby) begins to engage in an affair with their neighbor Mabel Jones while Terry finds himself in a love triangle with LaWanda (Sydney Mitchell) and Markeisha (Lala Anthony).

It all comes to a head in the Season 2 finale, as Charles and Lucille question whether or not they should stay together in light of Charles’ infidelity. In the next moment, Markeisha and LaWanda have an anticlimactic confrontation at the hair show after Terry announces his decision to take things to the next level with Markeisha, despite LaWanda being pregnant with their second child together.

As for the fate of Lamar (Eric Kofi-Abrefa), Zuhlke isn’t giving any hints as to what may come of the wildcard. After spending much of the season humanizing the man behind the madness by showing viewers a glimpse into what Lamar loves most, Zuhlke and the rest of the writers made an interesting choice to take those same loves out of the equation entirely. When he learned of Monique’s (Kash Doll) scheme to kill him, Lamar was left with no choice but to resort back to his wild nature.

But when Meech learns that Lamar killed Monique, he decides to handle it in a more inventive way, forcibly rendering Lamar incapacitated with a crack addiction that should keep him out of their business.

Ahead of the Season 2 finale, Zuhlke spoke with Variety about the season’s escalations.

What can we expect going into Season 3?

What you’re going to see is the fallout and somatically all of our characters are in a season of reinvention across the board – Charles, Lucille, Meech, Terry, Bryant (Steve Harris) and Jin. There’s consequences to all these things. So you’re going to see all of that dramatized moving forward.

You mentioned in our last conversation at another theme that you are looking to explore is addiction. How does that play out?

It’s a very universal theme too with addiction because everyone has a different bias. It can come in the form of a person, an object, a substance, a lifestyle.

What does this look like for Lamar? What does his future look like?

That’s definitely a spoiler that I don’t want to speak to.

When we opened up this season, Lamar comes back after we thought he was gone. We’ve seen him grow as a character and really up the crazy.

One of our writers, Mike Le, had said, when you know who a character loves and what they love, it helps an audience to root for that person. We really loved Lamar, this whole arc and the introduction of his dog too. We know how much he loves Monique And Zoe. The introduction of his dog was just another added layer to humanize his choices and for our audience to sympathize with him.

It’s interesting that you gave us all of these added layers to Lamar, only for it to be taken away with Monique’s death and the loss of his dog. What went into that decision?

Monique was his Achilles heel, but he’s also very smart and was able to figure out that he was being used and trapped.

What do the viewership numbers that we’ve seen with Season 2 signify for you going into this next season?

I honestly don’t have any final numbers from the network. W had a huge premiere. There was just the baseline of 4.1 million, but that didn’t include all the streaming so I don’t have those numbers yet. But what I do know is everyone loves this story. The world was waiting for Season 2 very patiently. The docuseries was just a great lead in for us. People got to see the real story and then they also get to see our dramatized version that we get to do as a writers room. So, it’s just very humbling. We have a huge hit. Randy Huggins created a hit TV show set in his hometown, and I think it’s just been very moving to see the audience response — all the reenactments, the Yelp reviews that are being left at the Easy Rest Motel. We’re really impacting the culture.

And then to see Big Meech’s American dream come full circle through little Meech getting to play him — it’s cool! Our story behind the story is very, very moving. We’re all thrilled and we’re so grateful to the fans too for their support.

You stepped up to showrunner with Huggins’ absence this season. How involved will he be in Season 3? How do you continue to keep the story going along with his vision?

I had a very clear sense of what his vision was for Season 3. We talked in depth about it. He’s still very much focused on his recovery and his new daughter. So I talked to him quite a bit. I would go and visit him quite a bit. Now that I’m here on set, though, it’s more limited. He’s very, very present here and we have our #HuggyFridays. Our writers’ room theme for our characters was reinvention, but the theme that Randy had picked for us — our set theme — is “space baby.” Season 3 storylines are going to be out of this world. So we have our space baby shirts with Randy’s face on them. He’s in an astronaut outfit on the moon with his Detroit hat and he’s planting the “BMF” Season 3 flag in space. So he’s very much present and everybody gets to see his smiling face, which is pretty wonderful.

Season 2’s theme was “Elevate,” right?

Yeah, it was “elevate, elevate, elevate.”

The show is deeply embedded in the culture at this point. We’ve been seeing a lot of informational threads with the history of BMF online, but I think the most recent fireworks that happened on social media had to be from the last episode. This is a silly question, but people were really shocked to see Meech’s nudity in the finale. How did that whole scene take place?

Randy and I had talked in depth about it. We really wanted to sexualize black men. You’re often seeing white penises on TV. That’s what we’ve seen traditionally. So, Randy’s plan was to be a big moment for the culture. It’s always been told through one very specific lens. And the legend of Big Meech, we wanted to pay honor to him and we knew it was just an important thing to do. That was a big conversation that Randy and I had. I wasn’t part of his conversation with little Meech when that all came about, but just wanting to see that strong, powerful, beautiful, full glory — that was it.

I had written up an episode of Season 3 of “Power.” I wrote the episode when they showed Kanaan’s member. And there was a, I believe it was a New York Times editorial, that I had shared with Randy, how that was an important moment for the culture and that we don’t get to see that usually on TV. So that was an extension of that.

There was a separate conversation this season involving Lala’s character, MarKeisha, and the age difference between her character and Terry. Could you talk about that dynamic?

The draw is that he’s a hustler who’s successful and he wasn’t seen in that light. He was a hero and on his way to becoming an icon. We have fun getting to dramatize these stories, again, in the writers’ room. Terry very much had a maturity about him and it’s just always funny to hear the reactions. What’s really interesting is just what the chemistry is between Lala and Da’Vinchi. It’s off the charts. You’re really rooting for them to beat the odds and they’re great together on screen.

When it comes to this love triangle, a lot of fans really wanted LaWanda and MarKeisha to have that moment to go at it this season. Why did you all decide for them against a big blowout fight?

Randy wanted to keep it grounded in authenticity. He felt like a fistfight would have been too much in that moment. But you can look forward to some more continued confrontations between the women in Season 3 for sure. Neither of them are going anywhere.

How does what transpired throughout the season really affect those future plans?

It’s definitely pushing the story forward. Meech heads out to Atlanta in our finale. Terry is left to take care of Detroit. You’ll see that manifesting itself in Season 3 where Atlanta really gets to become a character of the show, which is exciting, and then Terry will be handling the D.

I’m sure with Meech building a new team in Atlanta, that means new cast members?

We have a lot of new faces this season, which is really exciting. We’ve cast Ne-Yo, we’ve cast 2Chainz who are just a delight on set and had so much fun and flavor. That’s been really fun to work with them. We have so many new faces. I just can’t wait for the world to meet all the the new characters because we’re expanding the world. We’re always working diligently on all of our characters’ — especially our new characters’ — backstories and what is the hole in the soul? What drives them? What happened in the past that informs the present?

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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Is ‘Swarm’ Based on a True Story? Here Are the Connections to Beyoncé and Real Murders



This article contains spoilers for “Swarm.”

The first image of the debut episode of the serial killer series “Swarm” is a spin on classic Hollywood disclaimer language: “Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is intentional.”

It’s a provocative start to the kaleidoscopic pop culture satire, created by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover and starring Dominique Fishback as Dre, a woman so obsessed with pop singer Ni’Jah that she’d kill to defend her honor. Given the bloodshed and not-so-subtle parallels between Ni’Jah and the career and passionate fanbase of Beyoncé, it’s easy to believe there could have been a real-life cross-country serial killer murdering those who dare take Queen Bey’s name in vain. But what’s the reality behind the purported true story of “Swarm”?

The answer is…complicated. Before diving too deep, it’s important to note that at the end of the credits, there is a much more conventional title card removing “Swarm” from litigious vulnerability, reading, “While this story is inspired by certain actual events, it is a work of fiction. The characters and events portrayed are fictitious, and any similarity to or identification with the name, character, or history of any actual persons, living or dead, or any company, is entirely coincidental and unintentional.”

Plus, Nabers told Variety, “Everything is legally combed through. If we pushed it, we pushed it to the very, very, very edge, but it’s legal and we’re proud of that.”

But what are the “certain actual events”? It’s not hard to break down the many nods to Beyoncé throughout the series, which start with the titular fanbase of “Swarm” itself, which evokes the singer’s BeyHive faithful. Here are more of the similarities between Ni’Jah and Beyoncé:

  • The Ni’Jah visual album “Festival” is a nod to Beyoncé’s 2016 record “Lemonade”: a surprise release about her unfaithful husband.
  • Both artists are from Houston.
  • Ni’Jah is pregnant with twins, just like Beyoncé was in 2017.
  • Characters pit Ni’Jah against her sister, as Beyoncé is often compared to her sister and fellow recording artist Solange.
  • There is a reference to an incident where Ni’Jah stood to the side while her sister and husband fought, recalling the infamous elevator battle between Solange and Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z in 2014.
  • Dre gets overwhelmed by Ni’Jah and bites her, a nod to a story Tiffany Haddish told about Beyoncé being bitten at a party by a famous fan. The episode also pokes fun at an internet rumor that actor and director Sanaa Lathan was the guilty party (When the two cooks, lounging around on a smoke break spot Dre fleeing from the club, one says, “You know who that was? Chick from ‘Love & Basketball’”). Episode 4 begins with a spoof of Ellen DeGeneres’ interview with John Legend in which she grilled him about what he knew.
  • The Ni’Jah outfit in the finale is inspired by Beyoncé’s 2016 Super Bowl dancers.

Despite those and many other subtle nods, the creative team has been careful to not name Beyoncé specifically. At the series’ Mar. 10 South by Southwest premiere, the moderator asked if a “pop star who shall not be named” had seen the show. Nabers said “of course,” but then a rep retracted her answer the next day, saying she doesn’t know who has seen the series and who hasn’t.

Elsewhere during the premiere, Nabers would only refer to Beyoncé as “a certain pop star,” even Chlöe Bailey, who co-stars in the series and counts Beyoncé as a mentor, was cagey, telling Variety when asked whether she’s seen the show, “You’ll have to ask her that. I can’t speak for her.” The closest Glover came to actual confirmation was at the Los Angeles screening, quipping about the show’s reaction: “Beyhive, don’t kill us.”

As for the murders? As Variety reported, Nabers says that “every episode, with the exception of Episode 4, has a true foundation for its murder.” Speaking about Dre’s murder of her girlfriend Rashida (Kiersey Clemons), she said, “We found a murder in 2018 that took place in the outskirts of Georgia with a young woman that was brutally killed and discarded in some sort of kind of like desert, woodsy area. That was a white woman, but we did our own thing. All of that is based on real situations.”

Nabers also spoke at the SXSW premiere about a grim story that kicked off the idea for the series.

“In Texas, there was a rumor that a girl named Marissa Jackson killed herself because she realized that a certain pop star was being cheated on by her husband,” she said. “And my very best friend’s last name is Jackson. So there was a text with some of my friends where we were like, ‘Who is Marissa Jackson?’ For two days, we thought this was a real event, and it was dispelled later on Black Twitter. So when Donald pitched this idea of a Black woman who’s obsessed with the pop star, I said, ‘I know what the pilot is’ and ran with it. So every episode deals with real news stories, real events or internet rumors that have happened, and we have put our wonderful woman at the center of that story.”

A card from the closing credits of the “Swarm” episode “Stung.”

Additional reporting by Selome Hailu and Angelique Jackson

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DC’s Titans Season 4 Part 2 Trailer Reveals Tim Drake’s Robin Costume



The Titans season 4, part 2 trailer and release date has finally been unveiled. One of HBO Max’s long-running DC TV shows is getting ready for its final batch of episodes. After the airing of part 1, HBO Max confirmed Titans season 4, part 2, will officially end the series. The news came alongside the cancellation of Doom Patrol, which will also conclude with season 4, part 2. The two shows were part of launching the DC Universe streaming service before moving to HBO Max. It’s unclear when Doom Patrol season 4, part 2 will arrive.


HBO Max released a new Titans season 4, part 2 trailer, giving a taste of what is to come. Additionally, HBO Max has finally set a return date for Titans season 4, part 2. The remaining six episodes of the DC TV show will premiere on Thursday, April 13.

In addition to the trailer, a first look at Jay Lycurgo’s Tim Drake as Robin was also unveiled.

Everything We Know About Titans Season 4, Part 2

Titans season 3 tim drake and beast boy

With only six episodes left to go, there is a lot coming up in Titans season 4, part 2. The first episode back, “Dude’s Where’s My Gar?” was co-written by Beast Boy himself, Ryan Potter. This episode is rumored to be the speculated crossover with Stargirl. Brec Bassinger, who plays Courtney Whitmore, went to Toronto while suited up as Stargirl. After sharing an image with Potter, rumblings about a crossover with The CW show came about.

Both the trailer and the Robin reveal confirm that Tim’s training will finally lead to him suiting up. How Tim’s Robin costume comes into play remains to be seen. It was speculated that Jason Todd was going to be one of the returning Titans after a comment by the showrunner. Based on the footage, Jason may be a crucial part of Tim’s final steps to becoming Robin.

The Titans season 4, part 2 trailer also makes it clear that Brother Blood will be their biggest threat ever. While the show ending is bittersweet, there is clearly a lot to look forward to in the final six episodes. Hopefully, there will be more surprises in store for Titans season 4, part 2, apart from what’s already been shown.

Titans season 4, part 2 premieres Thursda, April 13 on HBO Max.

Source: HBO Max/YouTube

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‘This is Going to Hurt,’ ‘The Responder’ Lead BAFTA TV Awards Nominations



The BBC’s “This is Going to Hurt” and “The Responder” led the way at the BAFTA Television Awards and the BAFTA Television Craft Awards 2023 with six nominations each.

Apple TV+’s “Bad Sisters” and “Slow Horses,” Netflix’s “The Crown” and the BBC’s “The English” receive five nominations each, while the BBC’s “Am I Being Unreasonable?” and “Somewhere Boy,” Channel 4’s “Big Boys” and Netflix’s “Top Boy” receive four nominations each.

Overall, the BBC leads with 81 nominations, followed by Channel 4 with 33, Netflix with 24, ITV with 19, Apple TV+ with 15, Sky with 14 and Disney+ with eight.

P&O Cruises is the headline sponsor of BAFTA Television Awards, which will be hosted by comedians Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan on May 14.

Jane Millichip, CEO of BAFTA, said: “Huge congratulations to all our nominees. Today a record number of entries in television and craft resulted in 128 nominations, demonstrating fantastic strength and depth in programming and talent in 2022.”

Sara Putt, deputy chair of BAFTA and chair of BAFTA’s television committee, added: “Our awards encourage the public to talk about great TV and the craft and creativity that goes into creating the most talked-about TV of 2022. Production companies gave us topical and authentic stories that resonated with British audiences, from hard hitting non-scripted programming to strong-female led narratives. I am delighted to see that the interventions we put in place to improve female representation in the director and entertainment performance categories have had positive results. These nominations reflect some of those changes we are seeing today, and will continue to see in the future. The BAFTA Elevate and BAFTA Breakthrough talent schemes have also supported a number of first time nominees across categories – so if you haven’t seen some of these nominated programs, do watch them.”

BAFTA Television Awards 2023 With P&O Cruises Nominations List

Comedy Entertainment Program
“Friday Night Live” – Geoff Posner, Susie Hall, Lucy Ansbro, Shane Allen – Phil Mcintyre Television, Boffola Pictures/Channel 4
“The Graham Norton Show” production team – So Television/BBC One
“Taskmaster” – Alex Horne, Andy Devonshire, Andy Cartwright, James Taylor – Avalon/Channel 4
“Would I Lie To You?” – Peter Holmes, Rachel Ablett, Barbara Wiltshire, Adam Copeland, Jake Graham, Zoe Waterman – Zeppotron/BBC One

Current Affairs
“Afghanistan: No Country For Women (Exposure)” – Ramita Navai, Karim Shah, Eamonn Matthews, Mark Summers, Ali Watt – Quicksilver Media/ITV1
“Children Of The Taliban” – Marcel Mettelsiefen, Jordan Bryon, Juan Camilo Cruz, Stephen Ellis, Aman Sadat – Moondogs Films/Channel 4
“The Crossing (Exposure)” – Handa Majed, David Modell, Ella Newton, Jamie Welham, Nechirvan Mando, Ben Ferguson – DM Productions/ITV1
“Mariupol: The People’s Story (Panorama)” – Robin Barnwell, Guy Creasey, Hilary Andersson
Darren Kemp, Tom Stone, Serhiy Solodko – Top Hat Productions, Hayloft Productions/BBC One

“The Chase” – Michael Kelpie, Martin Scott, Helen Tumbridge, Caroline Sale, John L. Spencer, Hester Davies – Potato/ITV1
“The Repair Shop: A Royal Visit” production team – Ricochet/BBC One
“Scam Interceptors” production team – BBC Studios/BBC One

Drama Series
“Bad Sisters” – Sharon Horgan, Dearbhla Walsh, Faye Dorn, Brett Baer, Dave Finkel, Johann Knobel – Merman, ABC Signature/Apple TV+
“The Responder” – Chris Carey, Laurence Bowen, Tony Schumacher, Tim Mielants, Rebecca Ferguson, Toby Bruce – Dancing Ledge/BBC One
“Sherwood” – James Graham, Lewis Arnold, Rebecca Hodgson, Juliette Howell, Tessa Ross, Harriet Spencer – House Productions/BBC One
“Somewhere Boy” – Pete Jackson, Petra Fried, Emily Harrison, Gavin O’grady, Alex Winckler – Clerkenwell Films/Channel 4

Entertainment Performance
Big Zuu – “Big Zuu’s Big Eats” – Boom Cymru/Dave
Claudia Winkleman – “The Traitors” – Studio Lambert/BBC One
Lee Mack – “The 1% Club” – Magnum Media/ITV1
Mo Gilligan – “The Lateish Show With Mo Gilligan” – Expectation, Momo G/Channel 4
Rosie Jones – “Rosie Jones’ Trip Hazard” – CPL Productions/Channel 4
Sue Perkins – “Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal” – Rumpus Media, Croydon Films/Netflix

Entertainment Program
“Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway” production team – Lifted Entertainment, Mitre Studios/ITV1
“Later… With Jools Holland: Jools’ 30th Birthday Bash” production team – BBC Studios/BBC Two
“The Masked Singer” – Derek Mclean, Daniel Nettleton, Claire Horton, Diccon Ramsay – Bandicoot Scotland/ITV1
“Strictly Come Dancing” production Team – BBC Studios/BBC One

Factual Series
“Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime” – Kira Phillips, Barry Ronan, Rosina Andreou, Graeme Mcaulay, Abi Walker, Charlie Macdonald – Blast! Films/Channel 4
“Libby, Are You Home Yet?” – Anna Hall, Josephine Besbrode, Luke Rothery, Danielle Jones, Celia Jennison – Candour Productions/Sky Crime
“Vatican Girl: The Disappearance Of Emanuela Orlandi” – Mark Lewis, Dimitri Doganis, Tom Barry, Chiara Messineo, Simon Mills, Kaylin Simmons – Raw TV/Netflix
“Worlds Collide: The Manchester Bombing” production team – Label1/ITV1

“Big Zuu’s Big Eats” – Alex Gilman, Sam Grace, Chris Faith, Zuhair Hassan, Errol Ettienne, Rohan Minhas – Boom Cymru/Dave
“Joe Lycett Vs Beckham: Got Your Back At Xmas” production team – Rumpus Media, My Options Were Limited/Channel 4
“The Martin Lewis Money Show Live” – Martin Lewis, Mike Blair, Clare Miller, Jaime Corby, Richard Jack, Ravinder Dehele – Multistory Media/ITV1
“The Misadventures Of Romesh Ranganathan” production team – Rumpus Media/BBC Two

Female Performance In A Comedy Program
Daisy May Cooper – “Am I Being Unreasonable?” – Boffola Pictures, Lookout Point/BBC One
Diane Morgan – “Cunk On Earth” – Broke And Bones/BBC Two
Lucy Beaumont – “Meet The Richardsons” – Second Act Productions/Dave
Natasia Demetriou – “Ellie & Natasia” – Nit Television/BBC Three
Siobhán Mcsweeney – “Derry Girls” – Hat Trick Productions/Channel 4
Taj Atwal – “Hullraisers” – Fable Pictures/Channel 4

“The Bear” – Christopher Storer, Joanna Calo, Josh Senior, Hiro Murai – FX Productions/Disney+
“Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” production team – Ryan Murphy Productions/Netflix “Wednesday” production team – MGM Television/Netflix
“Oussekine” – Anthony Lancret, Pierre Laugier, Juliette Lassalle, Antoine Chevrollier, Pauline Dauvin, Kevin Deysson – Itinéraire Productions/Disney+
“Pachinko” – Soo Hugh, Michael Ellenberg, Lindsey Springer, Theresa Kang, Richard Middleton, Kogonada – Media Res, Blue Marble Pictures/Apple TV+
“The White Lotus” – Mike White, David Bernad, Mark Kamine, John Valerio, Heather Persons – HBO, Rip Cord, The District/Sky Atlantic

Leading Actor
Ben Whishaw – “This Is Going To Hurt” – Sister, Terrible Productions/BBC One
Chaske Spencer – “The English” – Drama Republic, Eight Rooks/ BBC Two
Cillian Murphy – “Peaky Blinders” – Caryn Mandabach Productions/BBC One
Gary Oldman – “Slow Horses” – See Saw Films/Apple TV+
Martin Freeman – “The Responder” – Dancing Ledge/BBC One
Taron Egerton – “Black Bird” – Apple Studios/Apple TV+

Leading Actress
Billie Piper – “I Hate Suzie Too” – Bad Wolf/Sky Atlantic
Imelda Staunton – “The Crown” – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/Netflix
Kate Winslet – “I Am Ruth” – Me+you Productions, Juggle Productions/Channel 4
Maxine Peake – “Anne” – World Productions/ITV1
Sarah Lancashire – “Julia” – Lionsgate Television, Mad Ben Productions, Modern O Productions, Inc., 3Arts Entertainment, HBO Max /Sky Atlantic
Vicky Mcclure – “Without Sin” – Left Bank Pictures/ITVX

Live Event
“Concert For Ukraine” – Guy Freeman, Richard Valentine, Anouk Fontaine, Tom Cuckson, Laura Djanogly, Jen Bollom – Livewire Pictures/ITV1
“Platinum Jubilee: Party At The Palace” production team – BBC Studios/BBC One
“The State Funeral of HM Queen Elizabeth II” production team – BBC Studios/BBC One

Male Performance in a Comedy Program
Daniel Radcliffe – “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” –Funny or Die, Tango Entertainment/The Roku Channel Jon Pointing – “Big Boys” – Roughcut Tv/Channel 4
Joseph Gilgun – “Brassic” – Calamity Films/Sky Max
Lenny Rush – “Am I Being Unreasonable?” – Boffola Pictures, Lookout Point/BBC One
Matt Berry – “What We Do In The Shadows” – FX Productions/Disney+
Stephen Merchant – “The Outlaws” – Big Talk Productions, Four Eyes Entertainment/BBC One

“A Spy Among Friends” – Alexander Cary, Nick Murphy, Chrissy Skinns, Patrick Spence, Damian Lewis – ITV Studios, Sony/ITVX
“Mood” – Nicôle Lecky, Margery Bone, Lisa Walters, Dawn Shadforth, Stroma Cairns – Bonafide Films/BBC Three
“The Thief, His Wife And The Canoe” – David Nath, Richard Laxton, Chris Lang, Alison Sterling – Story Films/ITV1
“This Is Going To Hurt” – Adam Kay, Jane Featherstone, Naomi De Pear, James Farrell, Holly Pullinger, Lucy Forbes – Sister, Terrible Productions/BBC One

News Coverage
“BBC News At Ten: Russia Invades Ukraine” production team – BBC News/BBC One
“Channel 4 News: Live In Kyiv” production team – ITN/Channel 4
“Good Morning Britain: Boris Johnson Interview” production team – ITV Studios/ITV1

Reality & Constructed Factual
“Freddie Flintoff’s Field of Dreams” – Andrew Mackenzie-Betty, Naomi Templeton, Cath Tudor – South Shore/BBC One
“RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.” RuPaul Charles, Fenton Bailey, Tom Campbell, Bruce Mccoy, Matt Green, Tony Grech-Smith – World of Wonder/BBC Three
“The Traitors” production team – Studio Lambert/BBC One
“We Are Black And British” – Narinder Minhas, Becky Clarke, Lindsay Davies, Rebecca Nunn, Ryan Samuda, Jessica Mitchell – Cardiff Productions, Open University/BBC Two

Scripted Comedy
“Am I Being Unreasonable?” – Daisy May Cooper, Selin Hizli, Jonny Campbell, Pippa Brown, Jack Thorne – Boffola Pictures, Lookout Point/BBC One
“Big Boys” – Jack Rooke, Jim Archer, Ash Atalla, Alex Smith, Bertie Peek – Roughcut TV/Channel 4
“Derry Girls” – Lisa Mcgee, Liz Lewin, Caroline Leddy, Michael Lennox, Brian J. Falconer, Jessica Sharkey – Hat Trick Productions/Channel 4
“Ghosts” production team – Monumental Television, Them There/BBC One

Short Form Program
“Always, Asifa” – Shiva Raichandani, Alex Balcombe – Raisilience, Together TV/Together TV
“Biscuitland” -Jess Thom, Matthew Pountney, Christine Robertson, Jon Rolph – Fremantle, North Bridge Media/All 4
“How To Be A Person” – Anna Hashmi, Sindha Agha, Samira Mian, Anne Perrie, Tobi Kyeremateng – The Corner Shop/E4
“Kingpin Cribs” production team – Zandland Films/YouTube – Channel 4

Single Documentary
“Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes” – James Jones, Darren Kemp, Rupert Houseman, Serhiy Solodko, Joanna Marshall, Sasha Odynova – Top Hat/Sky Documentaries
“Escape From Kabul Airport” – Jamie Roberts, William Grayburn, Dan Reed – Amos Pictures, HBO, Arte/BBC Two
“Our Falklands War: A Frontline Story” – Guy King, Saskia Rusher, Simon Mcmahon, Zac Beattie, Guy Meachin, Libby Taylor – The Garden Productions/BBC Two
“The Real Mo Farah” – Leo Burley, Hannah Richards, Rick Barker, Marvyn Benoit, Shona Thompson, Zad Rogers – Atomized Studios, Red Bull Studios/BBC One

Single Drama
“I Am Ruth” – Dominic Savage, Krishnendu Majumdar, Josh Hyams, Kate Winslet, Richard Yee, David Charap – Me+You Productions, Juggle Productions/Channel 4
“The House” – Paloma Baeza, Niki Lindroth Von Bahr, Emma De Swaef, Marc James Roels, Charlotte Bavasso, Christopher O’Reilly – Nexus Studios/Netflix
“Life And Death In The Warehouse” – Joseph Bullman, Helen Black, Tracie Simpson, Aysha Rafaele, Tim Hodges, Steve Lawes – BBC Studios/BBC Three

Soap & Continuing Drama
“Casualty Production Team” – BBC Studios/BBC One Eastenders Production Team – BBC Studios/BBC One
“Emmerdale” – production team – ITV Studios/ITV1

Specialist Factual
“AIDS: The Unheard Tapes” production team – Wall To Wall Media/BBC Two
“The Green Planet” – Michael Gunton, Rupert Barrington, Paul Williams, Peter Bassett, Rosie Thomas, Elisabeth Oakham – BBC Studios Natural History Unit, PBS, Bilibili, ZDF, China Media Group CCTV9, France Télévisions, The Open University/BBC One
“How To Survive A Dictator With Munya Chawawa” production team – Rumpus Media/Channel 4
“Russia 1985-1999: Traumazone” – Adam Curtis, Sandra Gorel, Rose Garnett, Grigor Atanesian – BBC Film/BBC iPlayer

“Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games” production team – BBC Sport, Sunset+Vine/BBC One
“UEFA Women’s Euro 2022” production team – Whisper, BBC Sport/BBC One
“Wimbledon 2022” production team – BBC Sport, Wimbledon Broadcast Services/BBC One

Supporting Actor
Adeel Akhtar – “Sherwood” – House Productions/BBC One
Jack Lowden – “Slow Horses” – See-Saw Films/Apple TV+
Josh Finan – “The Responder” – Dancing Ledge/BBC One
Salim Daw – “The Crown” – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television/Netflix
Samuel Bottomley – “Somewhere Boy” – Clerkenwell Films/Channel 4
Will Sharpe – “The White Lotus” – HBO, Rip Cord, The District/Sky Atlantic

Supporting Actress
Adelayo Adedayo – “The Responder” – Dancing Ledge/BBC One
Anne-Marie Duff – “Bad Sisters” – Merman, ABC Signature/Apple TV+
Fiona Shaw – “Andor” – Lucasfilm/Disney+
Jasmine Jobson – “Top Boy” – Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, Springhill Entertainment/Netflix
Lesley Manville – “Sherwood” – House Productions/BBC One
Saffron Hocking – “Top Boy” – Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, Springhill Entertainment/Netflix

Bafta Television Craft Awards in 2023 Nominations List
Supported By Official TV Craft Partner Mad Dog 2020 Casting and Category Sponsors

Costume Design Sponsored by Screenskills High-End Television Skills Fund
Amy Roberts – “The Crown” – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television / Netflix
Becky Sloan, Joe Pelling – “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” – Blink Industries / All 4
Jane Petrie – “The Essex Serpent” – See-sSw Films / Apple TV+
Phoebe de Gaye – “The English” – Drama Republic, Eight Rooks / BBC Two

Director: Factual
Emma Cooper – “The Mystery Of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes” – Empress Films, Library Films / Netflix
Felicity Morris – “The Tinder Swindler” – Netflix, Gaspin Media, AGC Studios, VG / Netflix
James Jones – “Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes” – Top Hat / Sky Documentaries
Sophie Robinson – “My Dead Body” – 141 Productions / Channel 4

Director: Fiction Sponsored by 3 Mills Studios
Dearbhla Walsh – “Bad Sisters” – Merman, Abc Signature/ Apple TV+
Hugo Blick – “The English” – Drama Republic, Eight Rooks / BBC Two
Lucy Forbes – “This Is Going To Hurt” – Sister, Terrible Productions / BBC One
William Stefan Smith – “Top Boy” – Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, Springhill Entertainment / Netflix

Director: Multi-Camera
Directing team – “The State Funeral Of HM Queen Elizabeth II” – BBC Studios / BBC One
Janet Fraser Crook – “Glastonbury 2022” – BBC Studios / BBC Two
Julia Knowles – “Platinum Jubilee: Party At The Palace” – BBC Studios / BBC One
Nikki Parsons – “Strictly Come Dancing” – BBC Studios / BBC One

Editing: Factual
Ben Brown – “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story” – 72 Films / Netflix
Doug Bryson – “Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing” – Owl Power / BBC Two
Mark Summers – “Afghanistan – No Country For Women (Exposure)” – Quicksilver Media / ITV1
Rupert Houseman – “Chernobyl: The Lost Tapes” – Top Hat / Sky Documentaries

Editing: Fiction
Celia Haining – “The Crown” – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television / Netflix
Frances Parker – “Andor” (Episode 7) – Lucasfilm / Disney+
Katie Weiland – “Slow Horses” (Series 1, Episode 1) – See-Saw Films / Apple TV+
Selina Macarthur – “This Is Going To Hurt” – Sister, Terrible Productions / BBC One

Emerging Talent: Factual
Charlie Melville (Producer/Director) – “John & Joe Bishop: Life After Deaf” – South Shore Productions, Lola / ITV
Helen Hobin (Photography) – “Frozen Planet II” – BBC Studios Natural History Unit, BBC America, France Televisions, ZDF, The Open University / BBC One
Jason Osborne (Director) – “Our Jubilee” – Multistory Media / ITV1
Joy Ash (Series Producer) – “Super Surgeons: A Chance At Life” – Wonderhood Studios / Channel 4

Emerging Talent: Fiction Sponsored by Sara Putt Associates
Jack Rooke (Writer) – “Big Boys” – Roughcut TV / Channel 4
Lynette Linton (Director) – “My Name Is Leon” – Douglas Road Productions, Tiger Aspect, Ringside Studios, Vicarious Productions / BBC Two
Nicôle Lecky (Writer) – “Mood” – Bonafide Films / BBC Three
Pete Jackson (Writer) – “Somewhere Boy” – Clerkenwell Films / Channel 4

Entertainment Craft Team Sponsored by Hotcam
Andy Devonshire, James Dillon, Dru Masters, Rebecca Bowker – “Taskmaster” – Avalon / Channel 4 Catherine Land, David Bishop, Patrick Doherty, Richard Silitto, David Newton, Joe Phillips – “Strictly Come Dancing” – BBC Studios / BBC One
Jen Bollom, Gareth Iles, Tim Routledge, Steve Sidwell, Richard Valentine, Chris Vaughan – “Concert For Ukraine” – Livewire Pictures / ITV1
Tom Bairstow, Nigel Catmur, Andy Deacon, Kevin Duff, Simon Haw, Steve Sidwell – “Platinum Jubilee: Party At The Palace” – BBC Studios / BBC One

Make Up & Hair Design
Amanda Knight, Barrie Gower, Rosalia Culora – “House Of The Dragon” – HBO, 1:26 Pictures, Bastard Sword, Grrm Productions / Sky Atlantic
Daniel Parker, Deborah Kenton, Claudia Stolze, Jovana Jovanovic, Wayne Fitzsimmons, Jana Radilová -“Dangerous Liaisons” – Playground, Flame Ventures, Lionsgate Television / Lionsgate+
Helen Speyer – “Gangs Of London” – Pulse Films, Sister / Sky Atlantic Tara McDonald Wednesday – MGM Television / Netflix

Original Music: Factual
Andrew Phillips – “House Of Maxwell” – Expectation / BBC Two
Jessica Jones – “Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story” –72 Films / Netflix
Jessica Jones – “The Tinder Swindler” – Raw TV / Netflix
Max de Wardener -“The Elon Musk Show” – 72 Films / BBC Two

Original Music: Fiction
Daniel Pemberton, Mick Jagger – “Slow Horses” – See-Saw Films/ Apple TV+
Federico Jusid – “The English” – Drama Republic, Eight Rooks / BBC Two
Matthew Herbert – “The Responder” – Dancing Ledge / BBC One
Nicole Lecky, Bryan Senti, Kwame Kz Kwei-armah Jr – “Mood” – Bonafide Films / BBC Three

Photography: Factual
Marcel Mettelsiefen, Jordan Bryon – “Children Of The Taliban” – Moondogs Films / Channel 4
Steve Jamison – “Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive” – Archer’s Mark / Netflix
Sue Gibson, Robin Cox, Florian Schulz, Will Nicholls – “Predators” – Always True To Nature / Sky Nature Tim Shepherd, Oliver Mueller, Todd Kewley, Jessica Mitchell, Sam Lewis – “Green Planet (Tropical Worlds)” – BBC Studios Natural History Unit, PBS, Bilibili, ZDF, China Media Group CCTV9, France Télévisions, The Open University / BBC One

Photography & Lighting: Fiction
Anthony Dod Mantle – “Pistol” – FX, wiip / Disney+
Ben Wheeler – “The Tourist” – Two Brothers Pictures, HBO Max / BBC One
Chas Appeti – “Jungle” – Nothing Lost Productions / Amazon Prime Video
Rachel Clark – “I Am Ruth” – Me+You Productions, Juggle Productions / Channel 4

Production Design Sponsored by Microsoft
Alice Normington – “The Essex Serpent” – See-Saw Productions/ Apple TV+
Becky Sloan, Joe Pelling – “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” – Blink Industries / All 4
Chris Roope – “The English” – Drama Republic, Eight Rooks / BBC Two
Kave Quinn, Tim Blake, Stella Fox, Penny Crawford, Emily Norris – “Pistol” – FX, wiip / Disney+

Scripted Casting Sponsored by Spotlight
Des Hamilton, Elan Jones – “Top Boy” – Cowboy Films, Easter Partisan Films, Dream Crew, Springhill Entertainment / Netflix
Julie Harkin – “Am I Being Unreasonable?” – Boffola Pictures, Lookout Point / BBC One
Nina Gold, Lucy Amos – “Bad Sisters” – Merman, ABC Signature/ Apple TV+
Nina Gold, Martin Ware – “This Is Going To Hurt” – Sister, Terrible Productions / BBC One

Sound: Factual
Doug Dreger, Andrew Yarme, Nick Fry, Steve Speed, James Evans, Hugh Dwan – “Formula 1: Drive To Survive” – Box To Box Films / Netflix
Kate Hopkins, Tim Owens, Graham Wild – “Frozen Planet II (Frozen Worlds)” – BBC Studios Natural History Unit, BBC America, France Televisions, ZDF, The Open University / BBC One
Peter Bridges, Matthew Charles, Conrad Fletcher, Julian Gough, Andy James, Andy Payne – “The State Funeral Of HM Queen Elizabeth II” – BBC Studios / BBC One
Tudor Davies- ” Later…with Jools Holland” – BBC Studios / BBC Two

Sound: Fiction
Alastair Sirkett, Doug Cooper, Martin Seeley, Paula Fairfield, Tim Hands, Adele Fletcher – “House Of The Dragon” – HBO, 1:26 Pictures, Bastard Sword, Grrm Productions / Sky Atlantic
Judi Lee Headman, Nigel Squibbs, Tony Gibson, Darren Mcquade – “SAS Rogue Heroes” – Kudos, Nebulastar / BBC One
Martin Jensen, Joe Beal, Duncan Price, Craig Butters, Sarah Elias, Andrew Sissons – “Slow Horses” – See-Saw Films / Apple TV+
Sound team – “The Crown” – Left Bank Pictures, Sony Pictures Television / Netflix

Special, Visual & Graphic Effects
Angus Bickerton, Nikeah Forde, Asa Shoul, Mike Dawson, MPC, Pixomondo – “House Of The Dragon” – HBO, 1:26 Pictures, Bastard Sword, Grrm Productions / Sky Atlantic
Industrial Light & Magic – “The Sandman” – Netflix Original Series, Warner Bros. Television / Netflix
Mohen Leo, TJFalls, Richard Van Den Bergh, Jean-clément Soret, Industrial Light & Magic – “Andor” – Lucasfilm / Disney+
Russell Dodgson, Bryony Duncan, Sam Chynoweth, Damien Stumpf, Danny Hargreaves, Eliot Gibbins – “His Dark Materials” – Bad Wolf / BBC One

Titles & Graphic Identity
Balázs Simon, BBC Creative, Gas Music – “Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics” – BBC Sport, Blink Ink, Gas Music / BBC Two
Peter Anderson Studio – “Bad Sisters” – Merman, Abc Signature/ Apple TV+
Tom Hingston, Markus Lehtonen, Sam Norris – “Life After Life” – House Productions / BBC One
Yu+Co – “The Essex Serpent” – See-Saw Productions/ Apple TV+

Writer: Comedy
Jack Rooke – “Big Boys” – Roughcut TV / Channel 4
Lisa Mcgee – “Derry Girls” – Hat Trick Productions / Channel 4
Nancy Harris – “The Dry” – Element Pictures / Britbox
Sharon Horgan, Barunka O’shaughnessy, Helen Serafinowicz, Holly Walsh – “Motherland” – Merman Television, Two Four / BBC One

Writer: Drama
Adam Kay – “This Is Going To Hurt” – Sister, Terrible Productions / BBC One
Alice Oseman – “Heartstopper” – See-Saw Films / Netflix
Pete Jackson – “Somewhere Boy” – Clerkenwell Films / Channel 4
Tony Schumacher – “The Responder” – Dancing Ledge / BBC One

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