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Christopher Guest on His Collaborator Jennifer Coolidge: ‘This Person Stands Out’



“No one else acts the way she acts,” says director Christopher Guest of his frequent collaborator Jennifer Coolidge. “I don’t mean acting as an actor. I mean behaves the way she behaves.”

Coolidge, currently a first-time Emmy nominee for HBO’s “The White Lotus,” is on the cover of this week’s edition of Variety; she first became known to many for her work with Guest, which includes roles in “Best in Show” (2000), “A Mighty Wind” (2003), “For Your Consideration” (2006), and “Mascots” (2016). In those movies, Guest says in a rare interview, “It’s so striking to see her with other people, because she’s on a different plane of her own reality.”

Guest’s movies are improvised by their actors, who come in armed with backstories and the plot but then, when the cameras roll, “people basically begin to talk,” he says. “It’s impossible to audition for that. I’ve found that that isn’t really something that works.” After making his breakout comedy “Waiting for Guffman” (1996), Guest saw Coolidge performing at the Groundlings (at what Eugene Levy tells Variety was his suggestion, after the pair of performers worked together on 1999’s “American Pie”) and cast her. “When I met her,” Guest says, “I knew there was something going on that was special. And I was right, fortunately.”

Her joining a growing troupe of actors — one that also included Parker Posey, Catherine O’Hara, Fred Willard, Jane Lynch, and more — was an easy match. Guest recalls what is perhaps Coolidge’s most famous scene in “Best in Show,” in which she haltingly rattles off what she loves about her catatonic husband while he sits, mute, beside her: “I could go on about the things she said, but they come from this unique place. You could write a book about it, and never really get to what it is.”

It’s not just the words Coolidge says but the spaces between them that struck Guest, who tells his actors when he first meets them, “Don’t feel you have to say anything.” It’s a difficult objective for many performers: “Most conventional actors would be wary of that idea. Most actors will flip through the pages to see the first thing they do, flip, flip, flip, other people, other people, here I am. But if someone doesn’t speak, the audience will naturally be riveted to that person. Just her looking out at the camera or looking wherever she wants to look. That becomes the magnet. And she understands that.”

That approach extends beyond Guest’s movies with Coolidge; on one commercial he shot with her, “she had felt no compunction about just doing what she did, which was going way into outer space. And the two people she was working with were left to kind of marvel at this thing.” And when promoting the folk-singer comedy “A Mighty Wind” at a concert stop in New York City in 2003, Coolidge and Bob Balaban — who play non-singing characters — took the stage and gazed at one another. “It was the biggest applause I’ve ever heard,” Guest says. “It was striking because Bob is quite small and Jennifer is a tall woman. They didn’t have to say a word — in that silence of him looking up at her, everything that they had done together was put into that moment where no one had to say anything. And it just kept building. It was extraordinary and incredibly fun to see that reaction based on the power of not saying something.”

Guest muses about the power Coolidge has to draw a reaction even before she says a word. “It says that the audience is so drawn to her, so primed to respond — it really didn’t matter that they didn’t say very much at all, they were just joyous to see this person walk out there. And I don’t know if Jennifer is comfortable with that. A part of her is always battling, as a lot of actors are, that idea of the response that people have to her.” Having worked with her across decades, Guest says that Coolidge is “a very regular person” with little in common with the characters she creates. “If one met her and had no context for what she had done, it would be an interesting thing to see. Because I think she wouldn’t say much. She’s not a person who goes into a social situation unless she knows the people and just chatters away, you know?”

In other words, perhaps, she understands the power of not talking. It’s a gift she put to use on the first season of “The White Lotus,” in which she dominated scenes simply by casting out fearful or manic or unsteady vibes, even when not at the center of the frame. Her old collaborator relished her scenes most of all. “This person stands out. Everyone else to me is invisible,” he says. “I’m not grinding any kind of axe, I’m just saying — you want to see her.”

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‘Better Call Saul’: Kim Returns, So Does [SPOILER], and Saul Gets Violent



SPOILER ALERTDo not read if you have not watched the 12th episode of “Better Call Saul” Season 6, titled “Waterworks.”

Kim Wexler is back!

After she and Saul (Bob Odenkirk) had a shocking break-up three episodes ago, “Better Call Saul” fans have been going through a Wexler withdrawal. Luckily, all that changed on Monday night’s penultimate episode, and we got a lot of answers about where Kim (Rhea Seehorn) has been in the “Breaking Bad” and post-“Breaking Bad” worlds.

The episode opens during the “Breaking Bad” timeline, where Saul is bouncing a stress ball against his office wall. Francesca (Tina Parker) informs him that everyone in the waiting room can hear him through the wall, and he has a special visitor: Kim. Though we don’t see Kim at this point, Saul says to let “her” in and they prepare to sign their official divorce papers.

Before we see Kim for the first time during the main “Breaking Bad” era, we flash-forward to where she is after “Breaking Bad,” and that is far from the dry deserts of Albuquerque in boring, mundane Florida. Her life has changed majorly after she left Saul; she’s dating a new man, rocking a new haircut, trying out a new mayonnaise and watching “The Amazing Race.” She now works at Palm Coast Sprinklers in the Catalog & Brochures department, away from Saul’s morally-draining exploits. That is, until she gets a phone call from him, which we saw in last week’s episode without sound.

In tonight’s episode, we finally hear what was said between Saul and Kim, and, wow, things are messy! Saul, fully in the Saul Goodman persona of “Breaking Bad,” jokingly says he’s calling to catch up after six years and brags that he’s still alive and getting away with everything. Kim restrains herself, simply saying he shouldn’t be calling her and that he should turn himself in. Saul doesn’t take her words well and says the pot is calling the kettle black.

“We’re both too smart to throw our lives away for no reason,” he tells her, while also revealing that Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) are dead. Almost tearing up, Kim tells Saul she’s glad he’s alive, then hangs up the phone. After that, a coworker barges into Kim’s office and she’s forced to join in on the most awkward round of “Happy Birthday” in workplace history.

Still in the black-and-white timeline, we follow Kim from Florida back to good ‘ole Albuquerque. She revisits the courthouse and some key “Better Call Saul” locations, like Mike’s ticket booth and the outdoor table where she and Saul planned schemes. Then, she goes to Howard Hamlin’s (Patrick Fabian) house and sits down with his wife Cheryl (Sandrine Holt). Kim confesses everything, and I mean, everything.

She spills on her and Saul’s plot to ruin Howard’s reputation, the fake cocaine addiction, Lalo Salamanca’s (Tony Dalton) murder of Howard and his staged suicide. Kim gave her confessional to the courthouse, but admits there’s little physical evidence that would make any charges stick. On the way back to the airport, Kim breaks down and sobs violently, finally freeing herself of the guilt she’s harbored for years. Out of a season full of Emmy-worthy moments, this heart-wrenching scene sits near the top of the list.

The next time we see Kim this episode, it’s back in Saul’s office during “Breaking Bad.” Saul doesn’t care she’s moving to Florida and reveals she didn’t take her share of the massive Sandpiper payout. But the major moment comes as Kim leaves Saul’s office and lights up a cigarette…which draws the attention of none other than Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), who’s taking shelter from the rain and bums a cig.

It’s one of the strangest pairings of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” characters, but one that works surprisingly well. Jesse recognizes Kim from one of his friend’s legal run-ins and commends her for getting his friend off scot-free. He then asks if Saul is “the real deal,” and Kim reluctantly, but truthfully, answers, “When I knew him, he was.”

Speaking of Saul, he spends much of the episode snooping around the house of the cancer patient he met last episode, looking for valuables. During his search, Saul’s victim wakes up from his drug-induced slumber, and it looks like Saul’s luck has run out. Just as Saul is ready to knock the man out with a vase of his dog’s ashes, he passes out once again.

However, Saul’s isn’t free yet. Outside, Jeffy (Pat Healy) realizes he’s parked his cab in front of two cops, but the officers are too distracted by their food to notice Jeffy — until he panics, hits the gas and crashes into a parked car down the street. Saul’s reluctant partner-in-crime lands himself in prison, but Saul promises over the phone that he’ll bail him out no problem.

But will Saul get the chance? When he returns to Marion’s (Carol Burnett) house to tell her about Jeffy’s arrest, he discovers the elderly woman has stumbled upon some of his old Saul Goodman commercials. Realizing that “Gene” isn’t who he says he is, Marion condemns him as a conman. Amid the black-and-white scene, there’s a pop of color in Saul’s glasses from the Saul Goodman commercials, making a crossover from the black-and-white and in-color timelines. Suddenly, perhaps channeling his inner Walter White, Saul drops the act and threateningly approaches Marion, holding her phone cord like he’s going to strangle her. Before anything can happen, Marion presses her Life Alert button and says she’s being attacked, and Saul Goodman is the perpetrator.

How will Saul get out of this one? Will he and Kim ever reconcile? “Better Call Saul” fans will have to wait just one week more until all is resolved in next week’s series finale.

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Bob Odenkirk Confirms Fans Have Guessed Better Call Saul’s Ending



Bob Odenkirk says “about one out of every nine people” on the internet have correctly guessed the ending to Better Call Saul season 6.

Bob Odenkirk says “about one out of every nine people” on the internet have correctly guessed the ending to Better Call Saul season 6. After numerous delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Odenkirk’s near-fatal heart attack, the beloved Breaking Bad prequel finally returned to AMC this past April for its sixth and final season. Premiered in 2015, Better Call Saul primarily follows Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill as he devolves from an earnest public defender to the unscrupulous criminal lawyer audiences meet in Breaking Bad season 2.

Better Call Saul season 6 has spelled the end for many of its beloved new characters, including Nacho Varga (Michael Mando), Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), and Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). Episode 9, “Fun and Games” also signaled the death of Jimmy McGill as fans knew him. Racked by the guilt of their role in Howard’s death, Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) finally decides to leave her husband, breaking Jimmy’s heart and spurring his transformation into Saul Goodman. Season 6 has now fully moved on to its black-and-white Gene Takovic timeline with occasional flashbacks to the Breaking Bad era featuring appearances from Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). With so much left to be resolved, Better Call Saul‘s dedicated online fanbase has been fervently speculating about how the show will end.


During a recent appearance on The Today Show, Odenkirk looked ahead to the final episodes of Better Call Saul. Asked about how the show will end, Odenkirk revealed that he reads fan theories online and according to his oddly specific estimate, “about one out of every nine people” have gotten Better Call Saul‘s ending “dead right.” Read his full comment below:

You know I read the comments and I’d say about one out of every nine people gets it dead right, but I’m not going to say which one.

Odenkirk saying that only one in nine people, which is roughly 11 percent, have guessed the ending suggests a more obscure fan theory is correct, but one that is still common enough for him to notice. This seemingly rules out theories about Jimmy going to prison or reuniting with Kim. A more uncommon but equally plausible theory predicts that Carol Burnett’s Marion, newly armed with the powers of internet access, will find evidence of Gene’s past life in Albuquerque as Saul Goodman, forcing him to disappear again and essentially live out the rest of his days in fear of being recognized.

In recent episodes, Gene has headed further and further down a dark path, which would seemingly eliminate the possibility of a happy ending for everyone’s favorite Cinnabon manager and con man. Whatever ending Better Call Saul has in store, it’s apparently already been guessed correctly and is currently floating around all over the internet, according to Odenkirk. Even so, it’s still nearly impossible to narrow it down and know for sure.

Source: The Today Show/YouTube

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‘The Bachelorette’ Episode 5 Recap: Logan Successfully Flip Flops from Rachel to Gabby



Logan successfully pulled off a switcheroo on Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette. The videographer took much of the spotlight during the latest episode of the series, as he jumped from Team Rachel to Team Gabby, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

Rachel was left confused and annoyed by Logan’s confession, so much so that she canceled a group date to process her emotions. Gabby checked with Rachel before inviting Logan over to her side, and while the pilot gave her OK, she privately hoped her co-lead would send the guy packing. 

Things turned around for Rachel when she had a romantic one-on-one date, and Gabby discovered a new romantic connection when it was her turn for a night out with one of her guys.

When it came time for the rose ceremony, the men were left shocked by who the roses were handed out to.

Keep reading for ET’s recap of episode 5 of The Bachelorette.

Logan Breaks Up With Rachel

Logan entered the week with his mind “ping ponging” between Rachel and Gabby, and when he found his name on the group date card he decided it was time to confess to the pilot.

He surprised Rachel at her room ahead of the date, and told her that he was “honored” to accept her roses, but the “strong connection” he formed with Gabby on night one had been holding him back.

“At the end of the night, I originally thought I was going to receive a rose from Gabby. It’s been hard for me, moving forward, to kind of forget about that connection,” he said. “… I can’t go today and I’m going to have to step away from pursuing things with you.”

Rachel handled the situation well in front of Logan, but the continued rejection caused her to break down in a confessional.

“Everyone is leaving me. It’s the rejection that just feels really awful,” she told the cameras. “… Something’s clearly wrong with me, but I don’t know… This is supposed to be my time to find someone, and everyone’s rejected me, week after week after week… Why don’t they all just leave, so at least I don’t have to say I quit.”

As she dealt with her emotions, Rachel canceled her group date because she couldn’t go there “and act like I don’t feel like a huge loser.”

“The worst part about Logan is the whole time he was just seeing how far he could get before he could switch to Gabby,” Rachel cried in a confessional. “… This is two weeks before Hometowns that this is happening. I should have at least seven guys who want to be here for me and I don’t. I’m literally such a failure as a Bachelorette.” 

After a heart-to-heart with host Jesse Palmer, who assured Rachel that it’d be “impossible” to be a perfect lead, Rachel agreed to go to the after-party portion of her group date. While most of the guys were understanding after Rachel explained the situation, Tino was upset by the canceled portion of the date.

“I want to be your person, that’s why I’m here. I want to be your best friend,” Tino told Rachel. “… I’ll take any piece of you, any day, and today we lost something that I know we could’ve made an amazing memory. Today hurt a little bit. It made me feel a little unseen.” 

The honesty worked for Rachel who offered Tino the rose at the end of the night.

Team Gabby Adds a Member

After breaking things off with Rachel, Logan went to have a conversation with Gabby, telling her that he was “on fire” for her the first night. Gabby confirmed that Logan’s feelings weren’t one-sided, and confessed of herself and Rachel, “You were pretty much our only overlap in the beginning.” 

Despite her initial feelings for Logan, Gabby said she “completely backed away” after hearing about his connection with Rachel. As such, Gabby told Logan she’s have to talk things over with Rachel before making up her mind.

During that conversation, Rachel lamented how “humiliating” the whole thing was, and said she wondered how long Logan would’ve accepted her roses before jumping ship.

“I don’t want you to be thinking about me so much that, if you genuinely think something could be there, you lose it,” Rachel told Gabby, who admitted that she would like to “explore it more” with Logan. 

“I don’t think Logan is trustworthy. He strung me along for weeks and I just really don’t want that to happen to Gabby in the future and for her to feel as bad as I do right now,” Rachel said in a confessional after giving Gabby her blessing. “At the end of the day, I’m going to support her no matter what, but I really hope Gabby sends him home.” 

Gabby went on a group date next; she and her guys went on a boat, made waffles, played soccer with kids and hit each other in the face with fish. After a great day out and about in Belgium, Gabby’s guys were shocked to see Logan strut into the after-party.

“I got word today that she wants me to have an opportunity to pursue her,” Logan told Gabby’s other suitors after explaining that he’d ended things with Rachel.

Nate was left “confused” by the addition, Spencer said that Logan’s arrival made him “question how strong is my relationship with Gabby,” and Erich was wondering if the videographer was “calculated” in his decisions. At the end of the night, despite a good conversation with Logan, Gabby ended up awarding the group date rose to Nate.

Rachel Can See Herself Falling in Love With Aven

Rachel put the negativity behind her during a picture-perfect one-on-one date with Aven, someone she said she feels “really safe” with. They rode a horse-drawn carriage, wandered around the city and enjoyed a chocolate shop, before entering into a romantic nighttime date.

As Rachel prepared herself for “the other shoe to drop,” Aven opened up about his childhood, during which time his relationship with his mom was “through a phone.” They “got really close” as he got older, though, and he recently gifted him a rubber bracelet that she made.

“Kind of seeing how these last couple weeks have been tough for you, I think if you hold onto it for a while, maybe it will turn your experience and all this around,” Aven told Rachel as he offered her the bracelet. She, in turn, offered him a rose.

“I’ve never felt this strong of a connection, or this natural of a connection, so quickly,” Aven told the cameras. “… I really do see Rachel as someone who could be my future wife.” 

“I could easily see myself falling in love with Aven,” Rachel said in a confessional, “and I feel like I’m almost there.”

‘It’s Just the Beginning’ With Gabby and Johnny

Gabby was excited leading up to her date with Johnny, telling the cameras, “He’s so macho and too cool for school, which normally I’d hate, but he pulls it off because he’s so goofy.” 

The pair’s date kicked off in a brewery as they enjoyed a beer flight, sat in a beer bath, gave each other massages and got silly together.

Entering into the nighttime portion of the date, Gabby questioned if things could get deeper with Johnny. He quickly proved that they could as he opened up about his struggles with depression and self-confidence. Gabby revealed her similar struggles with anxiety and depression, and how she’s felt “broken” in the past.

Gabby gave Johnny the rose and praised him in a confessional for his “willingness to be vulnerable.”

“All the things he’s scared to put forth are the things I love the most,” Gabby told the cameras of Johnny. “… I know it’s just the beginning for us.”

Logan’s Gamble Pays Off

At the cocktail party, Gabby gifted Nate Belgian chocolate for his daughter and Logan wondered about his “pretty slim” odds before the rose ceremony began.

When the rose ceremony got underway, Gabby handed out roses to Jason, Spencer, Erich and Logan, while Rachel did so to Zach, Tyler and Ethan. Meatball went home on Rachel’s side, while Mario and Michael were eliminated for Team Gabby.

Logan was shocked and thrilled by the turn of events, telling the cameras, “It’s an even playing field now and it’s anyone’s game, so it might as well be my game.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC. Keep up with the historic season by following along with ET’s coverage of the series.


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