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MCU: 10 Characters That Changed Steve Rogers The Most



The first Captain America, Steve Rogers’ journey and legacy live on into the MCU’s Multiverse Saga, with his successor, Sam Wilson, leading the newly announced film, Captain America: New World Order.

Though Steve always seemed to be the paragon of superheroism, he certainly wasn’t perfect. Along his journey in the MCU, certain characters helped the Star Spangled Man grow into the Avenger and hero that he was always meant to be.


10 Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson’s Colonel Nick Fury has been a major influence in the life of Steve Rogers. As one of the first faces Cap ever saw after coming out of the ice, he has remained one of the Avenger’s closest allies in the modern day. Fury was the one to recruit Steve into the Avengers and to help him bring down S.H.I.E.L.D. after it was taken over by Hydra.

Though they rarely saw eye-to-eye on matters of espionage and heroism, Nick and Steve had a profound impact on one another. Nick gave Steve a purpose after he woke up in an unfamiliar world. And, though Steve may have loathed to admit it, it was Fury who truly brought Captain America into the modern age, reviving one of the most important superheroes to ever be created.

9 Sharon Carter

Emily van Camp portrays Sharon Carter, a former agent for both S.H.I.E.L.D. and the C.I.A., who recently took a heel turn as the villainous Power Broker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Prior to his disappearance, Steve fostered a relationship with Sharon, who happened to be the niece of his long-lost love, Peggy Carter.

Though their relationship was stunted after her death in the Blip, Sharon proved to be a worthwhile ally and friend to Steve during their time together. She consistently supported him, putting her own life and career on the line on numerous occasions. While she would eventually succumb to darker impulses, Sharon was at her best when aligned with Steve Rogers.

8 Johann Schmidt

Played by Hugo Weaving, Johann Schmidt, aka the Red Skull, is Captain America’s first nemesis and one of the MCU’s best villains. As the leader of Hydra, the Nazis’ science division, he too became a super soldier, albeit a monstrous, weaker version of what he intended to be. He faces off against Captain America during World War II in an attempt to gain the power of the Tesseract, though he never fully understood what it was.

As the Red Skull, Schmidt pushed Steve to take action as a superhero rather than the public figurehead that he had become. His villainy lit a fire underneath the fledgling superhero, putting him in a position where he had to choose between his own judgment and what was expected of him. Ultimately, Schmidt’s evil plan also led to Steve’s suspension in ice for 70 years, landing him in the modern day.

7 Howard Stark

Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark was one of Steve Rogers’s best friends during World War II. As one of the minds behind the Super Soldier Project, Stark was heavily involved in Steve’s work as Captain America, even fashioning his iconic shield out of the small sample of vibranium he had managed to get his hands on.

Though their time together was cut short, Steve always had a deep love for Howard Stark. The two shared a friendship that even Howard’s son, Tony, would be well-aware of. Despite all his vices, Howard believed in Steve implicitly, proving himself to be a true friend and a loyal ally in the midst of the worst war this world has ever seen.

6 Dr. Abraham Erskine

Stanley Tucci portrays Dr. Abraham Erskine, the German scientist who invented the super soldier serum, in Captain America: The First Avenger. Erskine handpicks Steve Rogers to be the first test subject for his new serum, creating the first successful super soldier and the future Captain America.

Without Dr. Erskine, Steve would never be enlisted into the United States Army, much less become the superhero known as Captain America. It was the scientist’s genius that made super soldiers possible, but it was his good judge of character that gave the world its noblest hero of all time.

5 Natasha Romanoff

Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow, was one of Steve’s closest friends among the Avengers. The two worked together often as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., leading to a long-lasting friendship that would persist even after the Avengers broke up following the events of Captain America: Civil War, until Natasha’s heroic death years later.

Though he didn’t trust her at the time, Natasha gave Steve friendship when he needed it the most, becoming one of his few companions after waking up in the modern day. She consistently made sacrifices based on Steve’s judgment, offering him the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions and thereby giving him the confidence to do what he believed was right, rather than what everyone else told him to do.

4 Peggy Carter

Hayley Atwell’s Agent Peggy Carter was the true love of Steve’s life. The two first met during the war when Steve was selected as Dr. Erskine’s test subject and would quickly fall in love, though their relationship was doomed to be torn apart after Steve’s apparent death.

Though time and space kept them separate, Steve never forgot the impact that Peggy had on him. Even 80 years after their separation, Steve was still enamored with his first love, leading him to sacrifice everything he had built in the modern world to return to her after the Battle of Earth.

3 Sam Wilson

Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson first encounters Steve Rogers at the beginning of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, leading to a historic partnership that would span years. Sam eventually became the Falcon, flying alongside Captain America for years before eventually inheriting the mantle himself after Steve retires, now taking a leadership position in the Avengers.

Sam filled a hole in Steve’s life that had been present ever since he lost Bucky during World War II. Though it often came at a great price, Sam remained loyal to Steve regardless of the circumstances, even risking his own freedom to support his brother-in-arms during the superhero civil war. In the end, it is no wonder that Steve eventually passed his shield down to his most loyal friend.

2 Tony Stark

Though they rarely got along, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were one of the most important people in the other’s life. The two first met during the formation of the Avengers in 2012 and would continue their professional, and at times unprofessional, relationship for over a decade until Tony’s death in 2023.

While they clashed on numerous occasions, Steve learned plenty of important lessons from Tony, and vice versa. The two superheroes pushed one another to new extremes, each forcing the other to undergo tremendous character growth. Ultimately, it was Tony’s example that led Steve to start his own family, leaving behind the role of Captain America forever.

1 Bucky Barnes

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is Steve Rogers’s best friend. The two eventually served side by side in the Howling Commandos during World War II and, though Bucky appeared to die during the war, they would be reunited decades later on opposite sides of a new conflict.

Bucky always stood up for Steve, protecting him in the days before he could protect himself. His example led Steve to do the same for his friend when he was revealed to be the Winter Soldier. Steve put everything on the line for Bucky in a heartbeat, never giving up on him even when matters seemed hopeless. In the end, Steve would see his friend restored to his former self, against all odds.

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Amazon Studios Chief Jennifer Salke Adds MGM to Portfolio, Chris Brearton to Oversee Strategy, MGM+ and Unscripted TV



Amazon has settled on a new corporate structure for its expanded content operations, putting most of MGM under Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke while also promoting MGM veteran Chris Brearton.

Salke will oversee all aspects of scripted TV and film, distribution and marketing for MGM. Brearton will oversee MGM’s unscripted TV, the MGM+ streaming service and he will also hold the role of VP of corporate strategy for Prime Video and Studios. Salke and Brearton both report to Mike Hopkins, senior VP of Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Studios and MGM.

The moves were expected after months of speculation regarding how MGM would be integrated into the Amazon orbit. Hopkins confirmed the new hierarchy in a memo to staffers late Tuesday.

“Jen’s outstanding reputation in the creative community has earned her the respect of Hollywood’s top talent throughout the industry,” Hopkins wrote. “With Jen now having oversight of both studios – along with distribution and all creative marketing – creatives will have a single point of entry for the opportunity to showcase their content across all our platforms. Serving the creative community in this way will streamline and enhance the creative process, expand our growing stable of content, and strongly reinforce Jen’s commitment to being the home for talent.”

Amazon closed its deal to acquire MGM for $8.5 billion in March. The studio’s film leadership team of Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy exited weeks after the transaction. Mark Burnett, the famed producer who also ran MGM TV, confirmed his departure on Monday, which paved the way for the transition with Salke and Brearton.

Salke plans to hire a film executive to lead feature development and production. Julie Rapaport, who became Amazon’s sole head of movies in March, will continue in that role and “support the MGM film team as we continue to integrate,” Salke wrote in a memo. Among other changes, Sue Kroll, the Warner Bros. veteran who was hired last month to lead marketing for Amazon Studios, will also take on TV and film marketing for MGM. Vernon Sanders, who oversees TV for Amazon, will add oversight of MGM scripted TV.

Salke hinted at the shuffling to come in a lengthy interview for a Variety cover story last month. It’s expected that MGM will continue to produce content for outside buyers, in addition to serving Amazon’s growing number of platforms, including the ad-supported streamer Freevee and MGM+ (the premium cabler previously known as Epix).

Brearton joined MGM in 2018 after representing the studio for years as a lawyer with Latham & Watkins. Salke has been at the helm of Amazon Studios since 2018.

Here are the full memos sent Tuesday evening by Mike Hopkins, Jen Salke and Chris Brearton:

Hi team,

Nearly nine months ago when we acquired MGM, we said we would take a thoughtful and measured approach to the integration process. It was important to take the time to ensure the right people were in the right jobs for maximum collaboration, creativity, and innovation. We have made many important decisions during this time, and now have completed the essential work of setting up our organizational structure. I am pleased to share that effective immediately, Jennifer Salke will become head of Amazon and MGM Studios, adding oversight of MGM scripted television and film, distribution, and creative marketing. Additionally, I’d like to welcome Chris Brearton, who will take on a new role, VP, PVS Corporate Strategy, MGM+ and MGM Alternative Television.

Jen’s outstanding reputation in the creative community has earned her the respect of Hollywood’s top talent throughout the industry. With Jen now having oversight of both studios – along with distribution and all creative marketing – creatives will have a single point of entry for the opportunity to showcase their content across all our platforms. Serving the creative community in this way will streamline and enhance the creative process, expand our growing stable of content, and strongly reinforce Jen’s commitment to being the home for talent.

Chris Brearton has been running the business of MGM and leading its integration into Prime Video and Amazon Studios. In his new role, he will lead business planning and corporate strategy for PVS. He will also oversee MGM+ and MGM Alternative, where he will be responsible for accelerating the rebrand and spearheading the growth of the MGM + premium service, while also working closely with the seasoned MGM unscripted television team to continue their legacy of megahits, such as Survivor, Shark Tank and The Voice. Brearton will report to me and join my senior leadership team, effective immediately.

I appreciate all of the work on this integration and believe we are now better positioned to deliver on our ambitious vision with very best leaders at the helm. Throughout this process you have continued to deliver great entertainment to customers around the world. We released three MGM film titles to direct-to-streaming (DTS) releases on PV including Thirteen Lives, Anything Is Possible, and Samaritan, and the critically lauded theatrical releases of Till and Bones & All. We partnered on celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 007 franchise in October 2022.

We have new quality storytelling to bring to our customers in the coming weeks with Women Talking, Boys in the Boat, and Creed III, with even more in development for Prime Video. In addition to launches, we greenlit Road House with Jake Gyllenhaal and The Underdoggs with Snoop Dogg. In partnership with MGM Television, we greenlit and commenced production on Shelter (based on the bestselling thriller novel by Harlan Coben), The Consultant (starring Christoph Waltz), and A Road to a Million (a reality competition series featuring locales from 007 movies).

I am so appreciative of all the work you’ve collectively done this year, and look forward to all we can do together as we build the next phase of this rich legacy of amazing content. You will be hearing from Jen and Chris soon about their visions and goals for their respective organizations. Thank you all for your patience and commitment throughout this process.


Here is Salke’s memo:


Mike just shared some news about our organizational structure, and I wanted to say how proud I am to be named the head of Amazon and MGM Studios. It is a privilege to lead a team of such immensely talented people. We have such an exciting opportunity ahead of us as we continue to build out our best-in-class studios and entertain even more people all over the world.

With my added oversight of MGM’s scripted television and film, distribution, and creative marketing, I have some news to share on my leadership team. Vernon Sanders will continue to run Amazon television and will now have oversight of scripted MGM television with Lindsay Sloane and Rola Bauer. Julie Rapaport will continue to run the AOM team as well as oversee the MGM film team as we continue to integrate. Dan Scharf will add oversight of MGM’s BA and business operations as well as casting, music, and production. Amazon Studios newly appointed marketing head Sue Kroll will add MGM to her purview, and MGM’s chief marketing officer Stephen Bruno will now report to Sue. Brad Beale’s content licensing remit will now include MGM, with Chris Ottinger, MGM’s head of worldwide distribution and acquisition, now reporting to Brad. And Erik Lomis, head of theatrical distribution at United Artists Releasing, will report directly to me. I’d like to thank all of you for your patience as we integrate the talented teams at MGM. And we will have more announcements to share over the next few months.

These are dynamic times for all of us in the entertainment industry. And here at Amazon and MGM Studios, we have the best leaders, creatives, and talent in the business. I am proud to be a part of this amazing organization and look forward to all that we can – and will – do together.


Here is Brearton’s memo:


I realize that we’ve all been through a tremendous amount of change over the last few months. With the integration now complete, I am excited about the opportunity to harness and leverage all that Amazon can bring to our business.

We are now ready to embark on this journey together. With the leadership of Michael Wright as head of MGM+, Brian Edwards and Barry Poznick as heads of unscripted television, and Ted Lim overseeing corporate strategy and development, we continue to build on the legacy of MGM Studios. I have the utmost confidence in our team, along with the resources of Amazon and the leadership of Mike Hopkins and Jen Salke, as we continue to create brilliant content for global audiences.


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Jenna Ortega Shares How The Wednesday Team Made Up Thing Language



Exclusive: Jenna Ortega shares how Wednesday’s creative team made up Thing’s language and mannerisms, explaining that they were invented on the spot.

Wednesday‘s Jenna Ortega reveals how Thing’s language was established by the show’s creative team. Last week saw the highly anticipated premiere of Wednesday, Netflix’s new Addams Family spinoff series. Starring Jenna Ortega as the titular character, the show finds Wednesday enrolling in the mysterious Nevermore Academy and getting caught up in various mysteries. While Wednesday features a few appearances from prominent Addams Family characters, like Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzmán), their roles are kept relatively small. The exception here is Thing, the family’s disembodied hand, who takes on the part of Wednesday’s silent sidekick as she navigates boarding school.


Ortega now shares how the Wednesday creative team designed Thing’s physical language on set. Throughout the series, Thing communicates with Wednesday using gestures and movements to convey thoughts and emotions. According to Ortega in an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, actor and magician Victor Dorobantu, who portrays the sentient hand in the series, worked with the team during filming to come up with the mannerisms on the spot. She also elaborates on the whole process of creating the special effect, explaining:

It was so funny, because the Thing language was just made up on the day. Every day we’d show up and go, “Ahhh…” [hand motions] “That looks right. I feel like I kind of know what he’s saying.” But Tim wanted it to be an actual actor like they did in the 90s films, so it was this magician named Victor [Dorobantu]. He would wear a full blue suit, and he would hide behind walls and underneath beds. Then they built this prosthetic on top of his hand so that it looked like a wrist knob, and he would walk around. Tim really liked his mannerisms, and he would spend hours in hair and makeup every day just getting that hand on. Then we’d shoot some stuff with him, and other times we would shoot with absolutely nothing there. We’d shoot with the stand-in hand there; never did the tennis ball. I was either working with an actor and responding to him or I was looking at nothing, and then at the end of every take, we would have to bring in these gray and silver balls and a color chart so that they could add CGI. Those scenes always took longer because of that.

How Addams Family Members Can Be More Prevalent In Wednesday Season 2

Jenna Ortega; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Luis Guzmán; Isaac Ordonez; Tim Burton

Though a second season has yet to be confirmed, Wednesday season 1 has already received generally positive reviews, which bodes well for the show’s future. The Wednesday showrunners have confirmed they have multiple seasons planned in case they get the greenlight, so the series could have a long run ahead. While Thing was prominently featured throughout Wednesday season 1, season 2 could be an opportunity to shine more of a spotlight on the rest of the Addams family. Since season 1 ended with Wednesday getting expelled from Nevermore Academy, the door is now open for a new setting or backdrop to Wednesday’s adventures in season 2, which could possibly feature more of the Addams family homestead.

Another potential avenue for Wednesday season 2 is a deeper exploration of the character’s new powers. In season 1, Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) reveals to Wednesday that the visions she has started experiencing have been passed onto her by her mother, Morticia. Wednesday’s visions are a new addition to the character in this version, and a season 2 could use this ability to focus more on her family ties and how Morticia’s and Wednesday’s shared powers will play into the younger Addams’ fate.

Wednesday has received a lot of attention so far, breaking records on Netflix by surpassing Stranger Things season 4 for most hours watched in a week. Audiences may be eager to see more of Zeta-Jones, Guzmán, and Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester, while some viewers may have also felt the absence of the family favorite, Cousin Itt. With a wealth of preexisting material in addition to the new world Wednesday season 1 has already built, the possibilities are endless for bringing in more classic Addams Family characters for a potential season 2.

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Ryan Eggold, Isaiah Mustafa Join Aldis Hodge in Alex Cross Series at Amazon



Ryan Eggold and Isaiah Mustafa have been cast in Amazon’s upcoming series based on James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels.

The pair join previously announced series lead Aldis Hodge in the series, which is titled “Cross.” Amazon ordered the show to series in October.

“Cross” is described as thriller mystery series. Per the official logline, “Alex Cross is a detective and forensic psychologist, uniquely capable of digging into the psyches of killers and their victims, in order to identify—and ultimately capture—the murderers.”

Eggold will play Ed Ramsey. The character is said to have “humble Midwest roots that are the core of his irresistible charm, but he’s got elbows sharp enough to carve out space in the elite social and political circles of DC and New York. Smooth, well connected, and devious, Ramsey can also be physically imposing when he needs to be – and he has some very dark secrets. While he’s initially a fan of Cross’s, he soon becomes a formidable adversary.”

Mustafa will play John Sampson, also known as “Two-John” and “Man-Mountain.” Sampson is described as “Alex’s partner on the force and best friend of 30 years. Full of swagger and larger than life, he believes that Cross is at a crisis point in his life and needs to seek professional help.”

Eggold currently stars in the NBC medical drama “New Amsterdam,” which is airing its fifth and final season at present. He is also known for his role in the NBC drama “The Blacklist” and the spinoff series “The Blacklist: Redemption.” His other notable credits include The CW series “90210” as well as films like “BlacKkKlansman” and “Fathers and Daughters.”

He is repped by Gersh, Entertainment 360, and Hirsch Wallerstein.

Mustafa is known for starring in the cult hit Freeform series “Shadowhunters” and in films like “IT: Chapter Two” and “Murder at Yellowstone City.” He got his big break onscreen in the Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” advertising campaign, which was very well received by the public.

He is repped by APA, Megan Silverman Management, and Yorn Levine.

Variety exclusively reported that “Cross” was in the works in January 2020. Ben Watkins is writing and executive producing the series, and will also serve as showrunner. Hodge is a producer in addition to starring. Sam Ernst, Jim Dunn, and Craig Siebels also executive produce, with Patterson, Bill Robinson, and Patrick Santa executive producing for James Patterson Entertainment. David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, and Bill Bost executive produce for Skydance Television. Paramount Television Studios and Skydance are producing.

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